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A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make A Before And After Picture From Scratch in 2024

Creating a before-and-after image following your service to your clients is a great way to showcase the transformation and demonstrate proof of progress. These pictures can help you advertise your business better and validate to your customers that your services are worth the purchase.

In this blog post and tutorial, we will discuss the importance of transformation photos and show you how to make an exceptional before-and-after picture that stands out!

Significance Of Before And After Pictures In Field Service

Before-and-after pictures are a great way to document your services and serve as a reference for future purposes. They help you attract potential leads and clients and showcase the expertise and professionalism of your service.

Quality transformation pictures are a great way to advertise and sell your services because our brains are designed to respond to and be attracted to bright colors. Providing image proofs of your business can serve as a valuable strategy to give your clients a realistic idea of what they can expect from your services.

Transformation photo collages can not only help your clients but also help your business document and track its progress over the years. When viewed later, these images can help you assess your service’s strengths and weaknesses and rectify them so that you can continue to provide better quality service to your clients as time passes.

Our Before-After Image Generator tool can help you create professional-looking collage photos in just a few clicks. All you need to do is add your before-and-after images, your logo, and any additional texts you might want to add, and that’s it! It’s easy and handy to use, and it takes 10 seconds to create collages that impress your customers and make your brand stand out from your competitors.

ZenTrades’ free Before-After Image Generator tool helps you create excellent transformation photos from scratch without the complexity of a multitude of editing options, which can get very overwhelming and hinder the process of making them.

We will show you a step-by-step method for creating top-notch photo collages on our ZenTrades Before-After Image Generator for your field service.

A Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Make A Before and After Picture

Making photo collages from scratch can be easy if you know the proper steps, whether you use any other picture maker, photo editor, collage maker, or our very own Before-After Image Generator tool.

Using our ZenTrades Before-After Image Generator, you can create professional, polished transformation photos in minutes.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can use the tool to customize and create a before-and-after image for your business:

Step 1:

Open our Before-After Image Generator tool. Keep two photos selected and ready for use to insert in the generator tool.

step 2:

Once you have the layout on your screen, select ‘click to add before image’ and add the image you prefer from your files or photos app.


Do the same for your after image. Select ‘click to add your after image’ and insert your image from your files or photos app.


Next, it’s time to add your logo. Click the ‘add logo’ field and select the logo image from your files. 

step 5:

The tool provides you with a space to insert additional texts. If you want to write something, click the ‘add text’ field and type out your text.

step 6:

Once you are satisfied with the edit, you can download and save your image on your device.

step 7: (additional)

If you want to create more before-and-after photos, you can select the ‘add more template’ button provided below. This will automatically add another template beneath your previous collage template.

Keep two images handy for your new template, and repeat the steps to create your new collage.

Depending on the number of templates you have created using the tool, you can download them as JPG images or PDF files.

If you’re trying to download or save a bunch of collage photos created simultaneously, you can download or save a PDF version of your collage files. When saving a single file, you can access the JPG version.

Why Use Before-And-After Photo Collages For Your Business?

Your business can benefit significantly from using before-and-after photo collages to promote your services and as an effective marketing tool. You will attract potential leads, turn one-time customers into loyal clients, showcase your expertise, and establish leadership in your field.

There are various reasons why you should use transformation pictures as an effective tool to boost your business:

Transparency and Customer Trust

When you showcase your clients’ service effectiveness through before-and-after pictures, you are providing them with transparency about your services and skills. This helps you win their trust and gain credibility for your business, which can help you establish a strong brand image and acquire more leads.

Aid Visual Communication

You can offer customers visual proof of your services with excellent before-and-after images. You can communicate and make them understand via the pictures, the effect of your services, the change you can bring about with your expertise and skills, and demonstrate the value the field technician delivers.

Provide Proof Of Completion

Your before-and-after images serve as powerful evidence of your service, showing that it has been completed. They also avoid any future disputes regarding the end results or the occurrence of your service.

Additional Tips For Creating Collage Photos

Here are some additional tips that you might want to keep in mind:

tip 1:

Provide accurate labeling of your before-and-after photos to avoid confusion and further damage to your brand image by making silly mistakes. Ensure your first image is labeled as ‘before’ and the second as ‘after.’ Showcasing your transformation in the correct order can help your customers comprehend the collage photo perfectly and come to an understanding.

tip 2:

Adding your logo and designs can beautify or improve your before-and-after photos, making your image look more branded and professional.

Logos emphasize your company name so that viewers can quickly identify the service provider, even if the picture is found somewhere online.

tip 3:

Remember to download and save your photo collage! Once you’ve created it, make sure you save it in a folder for future use.

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