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Calculate The Required Refrigeration BTU Unit For Your Area And Select The Suitable Size Of Your Refrigeration Unit.

Use our free Refrigeration BTU calculator above to get an accurate reading of your refrigeration capacity.

What Is Refrigeration BTU?

A refrigeration BTU is the unit used to measure the heat absorbed by your cooling system. It represents the cooling power of the refrigeration appliance and how much heat it can absorb to cool the required area.

How Is A Refrigeration BTU Calculator Helpful?

A Refrigeration BTU calculator helps you assess the appropriate size of your refrigeration unit for your required space. If you do not have the correct estimate of the size of your unit, it can be troublesome, such as inefficient cooling or excess energy consumption. 

Our Refrigeration BTU Calculator helps you get the job done in seconds. In the respective fields, just input the required data: the area volume in cubic feet and temperature difference in Fahrenheit. Instantly, you get an accurate reading of the size of your refrigeration unit, as per your area and your desired cooling requirements. 

How To Calculate Refrigeration BTU?

Calculating the desired refrigeration BTU for your units is simple. 

All you need is, 

Air volume: the amount of space that needs to be cooled by your unit. 

Temperature Difference: the difference between the usual temperature of your space and the desired temperature you want to reach. 

The formula for calculating refrigeration BTU unit:

Air volume X Temperature Difference X Specific Heat Capacity At Constant Pressure (which is 0.24)

What Is Specific Heat At Constant Pressure?

Specific heat at constant pressure refers to the energy required by the element to raise its temperature by one degree whilst maintaining the pressure. 

The specific heat at constant pressure is 0.24 for air. Hence, we will use this value to calculate your refrigeration BTU unit.

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