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Streamline Your Service Appointments with the Topmost Call Booking Software

Managing your fire services can be challenging, but ZenFire’s call booking system simplifies the process, allowing you to schedule and manage all your appointments easily. Whether regular maintenance or emergency repairs, our call booking system optimizes the process, ensuring a stress-free experience for you and your customers.

Know who is calling and greet them by name for the best first impressions with ZenFire Call Booking.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Manage jobs easily and save time.

Forms & Checklist
Service history

Efficiently store customer details with comprehensive database features.

Service Agreement
Media notes

Take notes while on a call with the customer.

Forms & Checklist
Customer Management

Access client history easily and centrally.

Mobile App
Mobile App

Access your account from anywhere, anytime.

Forms & Checklist

Generate precise job proposals to increase sales and revenue.

Best Features of the Trade in ZenFire

Fire Dispatching Software


It can be challenging to run a business that relies on appointments. With ZenFire’s call booking software, you can schedule jobs easily. Streamline your scheduling process to save time and focus on growing your business.


SmartCall Integration

Be proactive and save time by having customer information appear automatically with each call, making it easy to book appointments quickly.


Web-Based Appointment Booking

Increase your chances of securing more jobs by allowing website visitors to book appointments online with access to all available time slots.

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Why is ZenFire the best option for your business?

Why is ZenFire the best option for your business?

We are aware that juggling several jobs might be difficult. We created our appointment scheduling software with your convenience in mind. Our program will triple efficiency and is dependable, usable, and effective.

Our fire service scheduling tool allows you to:

Reduce no-shows to increase efficiency in your company
Improve the efficiency of your scheduling to save time.
Monitor your team’s performance with real-time analytics
Customize your booking pages to reflect your brand
Integrate with other field service features to improve your operations

QuickBooks Integrations

Our Service

One Solution For All


Grow your organization with an innovative, efficient software solution and its exclusive features. Increase productivity and revenue with the right tools of our smart, cost-effective software.


Work is made simple by streamlining your workflow, reducing paperwork, and saving time. Arm your team with this easily operable software to help maximize sales and boost performance.


Ensure the total privacy of your business with continuously updated security. With our cloud sync system, expect 24/7 protected data.

Don't let appointment scheduling be a source of stress for your business.

Book a demo today and get a free consultation to optimize your workflow and grow your revenue with ZenFire.

ZenFire | Fire Inspection Software

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