How ZenTrades Transformed Sheryl's Electrical Business






Streamlined operations and improved productivity

Sheryl owns a small electrical business that faced significant challenges in managing customer data and project information. The business lacked organization, resulting in inefficient workflows and missed opportunities.

The Problem

Despite her expertise in electrical work, Sheryl struggled to keep track of customer details, project schedules, and invoices. The manual processes she used were time-consuming and prone to errors, creating stress for her and her team.

“I was always rushing to meet deadlines and often missed important information,” Sheryl recalls. “It was chaotic and unsustainable.”

Choosing ZenTrades

After researching various solutions, Sheryl chose ZenTrades due to its competitive pricing and robust feature set. Compared to other platforms with similar capabilities, ZenTrades offered a more affordable option without compromising on quality.

“I needed a platform that could help me stay organized without breaking the bank,” she explains. “ZenTrades provided the best value for my business.”

Transitioning to ZenTrades

The onboarding process required some adjustment, as Sheryl and her team had to learn new tools and workflows. However, the ZenTrades support team played a crucial role in guiding them through the transition.

“The onboarding took some time, but the ZenTrades team was incredibly supportive,” Sheryl says. “They made sure we were comfortable with the platform and addressed all our questions.”

Key Features and Impact

Once the team became familiar with ZenTrades, the platform quickly proved its worth. The notes and attachments feature allowed Sheryl to consolidate all customer information in one place, reducing the risk of data loss. The scheduling feature streamlined project management, helping to eliminate double bookings and improve efficiency.

“ZenTrades brought a new level of organization to my business,” Sheryl explains. “It simplified our workflow and made it easier to manage projects.”

The improved organization and efficiency had a direct impact on business growth. Sheryl could focus on acquiring new clients and expanding services, knowing that ZenTrades would keep her operations running smoothly.

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

Sheryl rated her satisfaction with ZenTrades at 8 out of 10, highlighting the platform’s reliability and ease of use. However, she noted that the tracking feature occasionally experienced issues, affecting its overall functionality.

“ZenTrades has been a game-changer, but I’d like to see improvements in the tracking feature,” she suggests. “If they can address that, it would be a perfect 10.”

Future Plans

Sheryl plans to leverage ZenTrades to support further business growth. She’s exploring mass email campaigns and more efficient reporting methods to better manage customer communication and billing processes.


Despite the platform’s minor flaws, Sheryl believes ZenTrades has significantly improved her business’s organization and efficiency. She recommends it to other small business owners looking to streamline their operations and improve productivity.

“ZenTrades made my life so much easier,” she says. “It’s a valuable tool for any business that wants to stay organized and focus on growth.”

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