Digital Transformation

of Trades

The trades need specific software that matches their workflow accurately. They need an experience that is tailored to them. This is the biggest need but also the biggest lacking that blocks businesses from harnessing the power of software.
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About Us

Best Solution For your industry

At ZenTrades, we are trying to transform the way blue-collared trade services use software, and by that, we don’t mean the biggest and the cliche ones alone, but more importantly, the neglected trade services.
With modularity embedded into the product functionality and deployment unlike any other and powered with smart assistant LISA to provide needed nudges, we provide a highly configurable, flexible, and intelligent product for businesses. ZenTrades aim to empower as many trades as possible with the best of what software can offer.


Highly modular product with nudges based intelligence will be the core IP of the product

IP that is being required to build a modularized product demands incorporation from day one of the product development.

Why Us

Hyper-Vertical Experience

We are the first Hyper-vertical product that can serve different trades with specific products.

Modular Approach

A novel approach to how the product functions and, more importantly, how businesses use it.
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Smart Assistant - LISA

Powered with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, LISA does more than take orders. LISA provides actionable insights and timely nudges based on your usage.



Know why contractors trust us to grow their business. Get a software that customizes to your workflow.


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