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Zimmick Electric, an electrical service provider, faced significant challenges in managing its business workflow. The company’s work processes were disorganized, and they struggled to keep track of their projects, customer information, and scheduling. Heather, the point of contact at Zimmick Electric, decided it was time for a change and began exploring options to streamline their operations.

The challenges

Before adopting ZenTrades, Zimmick Electric relied on a combination of manual processes and outdated methods to manage their work. This disorganization led to confusion, miscommunication, and inefficiencies in their day-to-day operations. Heather knew they needed a platform to bring order to their workflow and help them track their work more effectively.

“It was chaotic,” “We needed a system that could help us keep everything in check.”Heather recalls.

Choosing ZenTrades

ZenTrades was Zimmick Electric’s first platform, and while they didn’t have much experience with other software, they saw potential in what ZenTrades could offer. They were slowly getting accustomed to using a digital platform, and the team at ZenTrades provided the guidance and support they needed to get started.

“We chose ZenTrades because it seemed like the right fit,” Heather says. “We didn’t have much experience with other platforms, so we were willing to give it a try.”

The Transition Process

The onboarding process was smooth and well-supported by the ZenTrades team. Anshika and Roshmita played key roles in helping Zimmick Electric get acquainted with the software. Their assistance made the transition seamless, with no major hurdles along the way.

“The onboarding was fantastic,” Heather recalls. “Anshika and Roshmita were very helpful, and we didn’t face any major issues.”

Key Features and Impact

Zimmick Electric quickly found that the scheduler module was one of the most valuable features of ZenTrades. It allowed them to organize their work and track projects more efficiently. Additionally, they appreciated the quick response they received via email when they had questions or encountered issues.


“The scheduler module made a big difference,” Heather notes. “We also loved the fast responses from the customer success team.”


Since adopting ZenTrades, Zimmick Electric has seen improvements in their workflow. They can now track their work with greater accuracy, which has led to a more organized business.

Supporting Business Growth

Although Zimmick Electric is still in the early stages of using ZenTrades, they are optimistic about the platform’s potential to support their growth. They are slowly getting acquainted with the software and hope to see significant progress as they become more familiar with its features.

“We’re just starting to see the benefits,” Heather explains. “We hope ZenTrades will help us grow and become more efficient.”

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

Zimmick Electric rated their satisfaction with ZenTrades at 5 out of 10. The reason for this relatively low rating is due to the learning curve and ongoing challenges they face as they continue to get used to the platform. Despite the initial hurdles, they remain hopeful about ZenTrades’ potential to improve their business.

“We’re still figuring things out,” Heather says. “It’s a slow process, and we’re encountering some issues, but we’re optimistic.”

Future Plans and Suggestions for Improvement

Zimmick Electric plans to use ZenTrades to create a more organized workflow and improve their business processes. However, they have suggestions for additional features and improvements, such as recurring invoices and a more intuitive scheduling option. They find the current workflow challenging to navigate and hope ZenTrades will address these concerns in the future.


“We’d like to see some improvements in the invoicing and scheduling features,” Heather suggests. “If ZenTrades can make it easier to use, that would be a big help.”


Overall, Zimmick Electric’s experience with ZenTrades has been a journey of learning and adaptation. With continued support from the ZenTrades team and a focus on addressing their challenges, they are optimistic about the platform’s role in their business’s future success.

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