Top Features

QuickBooks Integration

Simplify your accounting duties and save time with the ZenElectrical QuickBooks Integration feature. Enjoy automated data transfer and seamless syncing, ensuring that your account information is always up to date. Streamline your business operations and access organized financial data and comprehensive reports to enhance overall performance. Keep track of expenditures, manage expenses, submit and receive payments on invoices, and gain real-time insights into cash flows and inventory management.

Quickbook Integration
Picture Pricebook

Electrical PriceBook

Create a trustworthy and transparent pricing structure for your electrical contracting services with the ZenElectrical price book. Categorize your products and services to help customers easily find what they need and understand the costs involved. Streamline the ordering process, reduce manual price calculations, and save time. Increase productivity, minimize errors, and drive revenue growth.

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Scheduling & dispatching

ZenElectrical offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop function for efficient job scheduling. Plan and manage one-time and recurring tasks to ensure that all projects are completed on schedule. Store crucial employment-related information such as working hours and locations. Centralize client data to provide technicians with job-specific information, enabling them to complete tasks quickly and on time. Assign specialized technicians to specific duties, ensuring exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

ZenElectrical Drag & Drop
Quickbook Data Processing


Boost productivity and streamline payment management with customized and quick invoice designs in ZenElectrical. Automate reminders for regular payments and monitor payment status to save time and increase customer satisfaction. Present concise, professional invoices to enhance your business image, save time, and cultivate fruitful customer relationships. Gain detailed invoicing reports for valuable insights into your financial performance and identify areas for improvement.

Customer Management

ZenElectrical customer management software helps you understand your customers’ needs and requirements, allowing you to tailor your services and build lasting connections. Centralize all customer information, including contact details, service history, and billing history. Access tools to automate tasks such as appointment scheduling, reminder sending, and invoice creation within your client management system. Deliver a personalized experience that makes customers feel valued and appreciated.

Customers CRM

Estimates & Proposals

Eliminate delays in service payment fulfillment by using ZenElectrical estimating software, which automates time-consuming tasks like price and material quantity calculation. Save time, prioritize revenue-generating projects, and create personalized, professionally written proposals to win over customers and foster loyalty. Easily modify estimates in response to market conditions or client demands. Monitor service costs and financial results to stay on budget and increase sales and revenue.

Technician Tracking

Track and monitor your technicians’ whereabouts, ensuring they work where they are supposed to be and arrive at job sites on time with ZenElectrical technician monitoring software. Simplify payroll administration, track time spent on specific activities such as travel, job completion, and breaks, and gather insightful data for performance analysis. Use the dashboard feature to track and analyze travel time, job duration, and break time, gaining valuable information about your company’s performance and areas for improvement.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Manage your job schedule effortlessly with ZenElectrical. Download the ZenElectrical mobile app on iOS and Android devices, offering an offline mode for uninterrupted access. Stay connected with your team through push notifications from the job details page, and conveniently view all your jobs in one place. Technicians can create notes with text and pictures, and access a daily timetable with client property details, photos, and dispatch notes.


Enhance your efficiency and client service with ZenElectrical’s call booking functions. Quickly gather client information, and review past jobs and maintenance agreements when receiving calls. Take notes, create tickets, and visit other websites during calls without losing connection. All calls can be recorded for future reference, and a pop-up will prompt after each contact for you to mark the status

Call Management & Scheduling


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