Best 5 Electrical Estimating Software In 2023:
Reviews & Features

Electrical estimating software is a valuable tool for any electrical contractor or engineer. It helps them accurately estimate the cost of materials and labor needed to complete an electrical project. The tool can quickly generate estimates, track costs, and manage projects from start to finish. 

Electrical estimating software gives electrical contractors a better understanding of their project’s budget before they even begin work on it. Providing accurate estimations can help reduce overall costs by allowing contractors and customers to make informed decisions about what needs to be done in order for the job at hand to be completed successfully within budget constraints. 

The best thing about using electrical estimating software is that it provides detailed information regarding all aspects associated with completing an electrician’s job, such as material pricing data from suppliers around the world, detailed labor rate calculations, time-saving templates that allow users to create multiple versions based on different scenarios; automatic updates when new products become available in the marketplace; progress tracking capabilities. So you know where you are at every step along your journey towards completion, including estimated timescales for each task involved, plus much more!  

With these features combined into one easy-to-use package, electricians have access not only to comprehensive data but also insight into how long certain tasks will take while also being able to identify potential problems earlier on which could save them both time and money down the line when compared against traditional methods manual calculation alone would provide.

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Best Electrical estimating software

After extensive research and analysis of features, usability, and customer reviews, we have shortlisted the four best software solutions that can effectively streamline your scheduling and workforce management needs.

Service Technicians

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ZenElectrical offers a comprehensive solution for managing your field service business with its estimation software, customizable templates, picture-based pricing book, and easy tax management features. With access to customizable templates, users can enable or disable on-field invoicing on the mobile app, manage taxes easily, and create a catalog with a combination of text and pictures. Once estimates are approved by customers, users can easily convert them into invoices and share them via email or SMS with a link to get online payment.

In addition to these features, ZenElectrical also provides back-office functionalities such as creating estimates by adding customer details, service agreements, billable hours, and more. Users can send quotes to customers and seek approval via email, and add billing details like trip charges, discounts, additional fees, payment mode, and more after job completion. They can also auto-select the new tax zone for their service location and attach pictures or videos with estimates and invoices. ZenElectrical also allows users to finalize the details and collect e-signatures from customers to save the invoice.

Moreover, ZenElectrical offers on-the-field features that enable users to create estimates by adding line items, trip charges, discounts, and more and get approvals from customers by collecting e-signatures from the app. Users can easily convert estimates to invoices and get customer signatures with payment, enter service summary with a purchase order, and get status updates for both invoices and estimates for each step, including estimates approval, pending customer signature, and more. ZenElectrical also offers the option of progressive billing from both the app and the web with its gravity payment partners.


Red Rhino

Red Rhino is an online Electrical Estimating Software that offers contractors the advanced capabilities needed to quickly, accurately, and profitably estimate projects. It provides a fully integrated business solution with interconnected modules for Purchasing, Billing, and Project Management, making it an essential tool for growing your electrical contracting business.

 With Red Rhino, you can streamline your operations, minimize errors, and increase your productivity, allowing you to take on more projects and grow your business with ease. Whether you’re a small business owner or a larger contractor, Red Rhino’s powerful features can help you take your electrical contracting business to the next level.


Turbo Bid

TurboBid is an on-premise estimating software designed to help small and midsize contractors complete project estimates for various types of work, including new residential, light commercial, remodeling, service work, and flat rate pricing. With TurboBid, you can automate the process of calculating labor and material costs, with material prices updated weekly or in real-time for your preferred supplier’s material costs. TurboBid’s wizards enable you to calculate your company overhead and your employee’s labor burden costs, ensuring that you only win profitable jobs.

TurboBid’s extensive database includes material items reflecting pricing from Trade Service and up to 5 selected vendors, with TurboPricer electronically updating vendor and market pricing for items as they change. The software also allows businesses to calculate material installation times using an established labor unit that can be adjusted to reflect the estimate.

Moreover, TurboBid offers customizable reports and bid packages that showcase the details of what your customers are getting in their bids, including pictures and detailed pricing, improving your professional image. Users can generate formal proposals, quantity takeoffs, and bid estimates with ease, making it a perfect tool for contractors of all sizes. With TurboBid, you can streamline your estimation process, minimize errors, and increase productivity, giving you a competitive edge in the construction industry.


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STACK is a flexible, fast, and accurate cloud-based estimating software designed specifically for electrical contractors. It enables your team to measure digital plans, quantify materials, and collaborate with key project stakeholders, making it easier to ensure takeoff accuracy, eliminate costly bid errors, and win more profitable work in less time. One of the key benefits of STACK is that it provides anytime, anywhere plan access, allowing you and your team to work on the platform from your office, home, job site, or anywhere else with an internet connection.

Effortless collaboration is also made possible with STACK, thanks to its permission controls that allow you to grant access to employees, partners, and others with project edit privileges or view-only access. Moreover, STACK’s AutoCount tool makes it easy to count plan symbols and determine the materials necessary for your electrical project. You can also add labor, overhead, and waste costs to finalize your bid proposal, avoiding the risks of doing it by hand.

In addition, STACK’s document organization feature allows you to store all your project files in a single location for easy access, making organizing your project documents easier than ever. With STACK, you can streamline your electrical estimating process, minimize errors, and increase productivity, helping you win more profitable work in less time.



Jobber is an essential tool for electrical contractors, allowing you to keep your estimating jobs on track and your customers informed. With Jobber, you can schedule jobs more efficiently, optimize routes, and send quotes, proposals, and invoices, ensuring that your crew has all the job details they need and you’re notified when a job is complete. The software also allows you to send automatic payment reminders and take payments instantly in-person, online within 24 hours, or automatically every month, streamlining your payment process.

In addition, Jobber’s tracking features help you to seamlessly dispatch, create quotes on-site, and track quotes online, allowing you to stay organized, impress clients, and win more jobs. You can include custom fields, materials used, and labor and add additional charges as they come up. With the ability to collect deposits and client signatures, track when clients open quotes, and convert quotes to invoices without duplicate entries, Jobber makes the entire process simpler and more efficient.

Moreover, after a complex job, Jobber makes invoicing easy, letting you convert quotes to invoices with just a few clicks and then send and track them. What’s more, customers can pay online or in person with Jobber’s credit card processing, eliminating the need for manual payment processing. Overall, Jobber helps you to streamline your electrical estimating and invoicing processes, keep your jobs on track, and keep your customers informed, making it an indispensable tool for any electrical contracting business.


Wrapping It Up

These software solutions are user-friendly and easy to navigate, ensuring a smooth user experience. Lastly, based on positive customer reviews and feedback, we are confident that these four software options will provide you with reliable and effective scheduling and workforce management solutions. So, if you are looking to streamline your workforce management and scheduling, look no further than these top-rated software solutions.


Is there an app to price electrical work

Yes, there are several apps available for pricing electrical work, but the quality and accuracy of estimates can vary significantly. However, ZenElectrical software offers a comprehensive solution for detailed electrical estimates. It provides users with the tools to create accurate estimates by using built-in material and labor databases, customizing the database with company-specific pricing, and providing the ability to add project-specific details such as location, size, and complexity. Zen Electricals’ user-friendly interface makes the estimating process easy and efficient, helping contractors save time and money. ZenElectrical software is widely used in the electrical industry and is a popular choice among contractors for detailed electrical estimates.

Which Software is used for details estimates

When it comes to electrical pricing work, there are various apps available, but not all of them offer accurate and detailed estimates. This is where ZenElectrical software comes in as a comprehensive solution for contractors in need of precise electrical estimates. Its built-in material and labor databases, customizable pricing options, and project-specific details feature to make it easier to create accurate and detailed estimates. 

The software’s user-friendly interface simplifies the estimating process and allows contractors to save time and money while providing professional estimates. ZenElectrical software is widely used and highly regarded in the electrical industry, making it the go-to software for contractors looking for reliable and detailed electrical estimates.

How do you do Electrical Estimating

The best way to create estimates is by using estimating software. Including

Best 5 Electrical Estimating Software In 2023: Reviews, Features

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