Tailored Electrical Contractor Software for better productivity

Designed specifically for electrical contractors, our software offers tailored solutions to streamline your business operations, improve productivity, and drive growth. Whether you specialize in residential, commercial, or industrial projects, our hyper-vertical trade software has you covered.

Key Features


Efficiently manage your appointments and stay on track.

Forms & Checklist

Create and send invoices in just a few clicks.

Reports & Analytics
QuickBook Integration

Seamlessly connect to QuickBooks for easy accounting.

Mobile App

Quickly generate accurate quotes and win more business.

Service Agreement

Tracking: Monitor technician progress and job status in real-time.


Optimize Operations with Dynamic Scheduling

  • Never miss a job again with intuitive scheduling that keeps your team on track.
  • Stay organized and on top of your workload with a drag-and-drop-based scheduler that lets you see everything at a glance.
    Save time with automated scheduling for recurring visits.
  • Keep your customers in the loop with automated appointment reminders and notifications that ensure they know when to expect your team on-site.
ZenElectrical Scheduling
ZE - Invoice & Estimates

Seamless Estimation and Invoicing

  • Take the hassle out of billing and estimating with powerful tools that help you get paid faster.
  • Create professional estimates and quotes in minutes, ensuring you always provide transparent pricing to your customers.
  • Get paid faster with easy-to-use invoicing that lets you create, send, and track invoices from within the same platform.
  • Simplify your workflow and reduce administrative tasks with automated billing and payment reminders that take the hassle out of managing your accounts receivable.

Customer Management Made Easy

  • Manage customer interactions and track data to build lasting relationships with powerful tools.
  • Stay organized with customizable contact lists and detailed customer profiles.
  • Manage leads and sales pipeline with automated tracking and reporting tools.
  • Enhance your customer service and provide a personalized experience with tools that help you track customer preferences, service history, and more.
Customers CRM
Quickbooks Software

Why ZenElectrical?

The one-stop solution for your electrical business!

Frequently Asked Question's

What is Electrical Software

Electrical software boosts your business efficiency by automating daily tasks like scheduling, dispatching, estimating, and invoicing so that you can focus on more crucial things. A user-friendly electrical mobile app would help the electricians on-field and users in the back office to communicate effectively. ZenElectrical would help to track and analyze business performance to boost profitability. It can be used for tasks such as scheduling jobs, managing recurring services, tracking customer information, managing contacts, invoicing, billing customers, and creating estimates and quotes for services rendered or materials purchased. ZenElectrical  helps streamline the workflow of the day-to-day activities of the entire team so that they can focus on providing quality service to their clients.

How do I grow my business with electrical contractor software?

Electrical contractor software helps to eliminate redundant tasks and focus on activities that generate more revenue. The saved time helps to attend to more customers and book more assignments. The regular business reports track the business performance, which helps to improve each area. Moreover, it might enhance your customer experience significantly!

ZenElectrical software solutions use electrical contractor software to decrease manual work by automating your operations, like digitized time cards leading to quick payroll management, auto-generated business reports, smooth estimating, invoicing, etc. Plus, no more double-entry with direct QuickBooks integration. With the interactive dashboard, like that of ZenElectrical electrical software, you schedule jobs, track job status, monitor work hours, reschedule, and more with just a click. Work from anywhere with the convenient electrician software and access information on the go. Features like on-field invoicing and picture-based price books boost efficiency and impress customers. An electrician service software like ZenElectrical would also provide detailed reports regarding productivity, accounting, and operations to keep the business on track at all times.

Does ZenElectrical software integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes. ZenElectrical electrical software integrates with Intuit QuickBooks. It supports both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. With QuickBooks integration, ZenElectrical eliminates the double-entry requirements for accounts and bookkeeping. It ensures direct QuickBooks sync with timesheets and eases payroll management. Thus, with ZenElectrical, electrical contractors do not need to work separately on accounting software. For more details, review ZenElectrical QuickBooks Integration.

Does ZenElectrical software provide 24/7 customer support?

Yes. ZenElectrical electrical contractor software offers customer support anytime and anywhere throughout the day. A dedicated account manager contacts each electrical business customer for any queries. ZenElectrical electrical business software also provides granular and custom reports and weekly review sessions as per need. Need assistance? ZenElectrical’s a call away!

Does ZenElectrical have a mobile app?

Yes. ZenElectrical provides an electrical service app compatible with both Android and Apple iOS users.

Commercial electricians on the field can access all customer details like work history, billing details, and more on the go. The techs can send voice commands for notes and access custom templates for estimates and invoicing with electrician software. It also improves customer communication.

Weak internet network? No worries because one of the ZenElectrical app’s key features operates even offline! And the best part, it is user-friendly and connects the field electricians with the back office in real time without interruptions.

What is contractor software?

Yes. ZenElectrical provides an electrical service app compatible with both Android and Apple iOS users.

Commercial electricians on the field can access all customer details like work history, billing details, and more on the go. The techs can send voice commands for notes and access custom templates for estimates and invoicing with electrician software. It also improves customer communication.

Weak internet network? No worries because one of the ZenElectrical app’s key features operates even offline! And the best part, it is user-friendly and connects the field electricians with the back office in real time without interruptions.

How do I manage my electrical business?

Managing an electrical business can be a daunting task. You need to keep track of customers, inventory, orders, and more. Having the right tools to manage your business efficiently and effectively is important. One of the essential tools for managing an electrical business is electrician software.

Electrical contractor software helps streamline all business operations, from customer management to order tracking and billing processes. With this software, you can easily view customer information, such as contact details, service location information or past orders, on one centralized platform, making it easier to deal with customers or suppliers. Additionally, electrician software allows electrical contractors to create invoices quickly and accurately while keeping track of stock levels so that no items go out-of-stock unexpectedly; it also saves time on manual data entry tasks!

Finally, having everything available online reduces manual processes, improves job management, and saves time since users don’t have to worry about manually entering any data into other systems like Excel spreadsheets since everything is already integrated into one system, simplifying operations even further! Overall, it helps you grow your business and complete more jobs.

What is an electrical invoice?

An electrical invoice is a document an electrician or electrical contractor uses to bill their customers for services rendered. It outlines the details of the job, such as materials and labor costs, as well as any discounts that may have been applied. The invoice also provides legal proof of payment should there be any dispute between the parties involved in the transaction. An accurate and detailed electrical invoice is essential for businesses operating in this industry because it helps ensure they are properly compensated for their work while protecting them from potential legal issues down the line. Electrical contractors can use electrical contractor software to streamline invoicing.

How do I write a business plan for electrical contracting?

Writing a business plan for an electrical contracting company can seem like a daunting task, but with proper planning, it can be a successful endeavor. When creating your plan, you must consider factors such as market research, financial projections, staffing requirements, and marketing strategies, among other things. All these elements will help you create an effective business model that works best for your situation. Additionally, you must include safety protocols specific to your trade that protect you and your clients and demonstrate professionalism within this field. 

What tools do you need to start an electrical business?

Starting an electrical business requires various tools to ensure the job is done safely and efficiently. This includes basic hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, wire strippers, safety glasses, and gloves. It also includes more specialized equipment like voltage testers for testing circuits or switches; multimeters for measuring current flow; conduit benders for bending metal pipes to run wiring through them; crimpers and cutters for cutting wires properly; soldering guns or irons to solder connections together securely. In addition to these physical items, it is important that any electrician have access to up-to-date electrical codes to work in compliance with local regulations. 

Another essential tool when starting an electrical service business is software designed specifically for electricians, such as CAD programs used by architects that allow you to create detailed drawings of your projects before beginning work on site. This ensures accuracy when laying out plans and avoids costly mistakes down the line. Due diligence should be taken into consideration while selecting this type of software package because there are many options available, ranging from free, open-source packages all the way up to expensive proprietary solutions depending upon budget constraints. Additionally, having access to CRM or electrical contractor software will help streamline scheduling, job management between customer service staff members who handle customer management and ensure customer satisfaction and positive customer feedback

How to start an electrical business?

Starting electrical contracting businesses can be a great way to make money and provide valuable services to customers. It is important, however, that you take the time to plan out your business before jumping in headfirst. Here are some tips on how to start an electrical business:

The first step when starting any new venture is researching the industry and the local regulations surrounding it. Electrical work requires a license in most areas, so you must ensure you understand all of the requirements for obtaining one before beginning your own business. Additionally, research what competitors are doing to create a competitive advantage over them with pricing strategies or different services offered.

Once these steps have been taken care of, it’s time to move on to creating your brand identity and marketing strategy, which will help draw attention from potential customers as well as establish yourself within the industry. Your logo should represent who you are as a company while also being eye-catching enough that people remember it easily; additionally, develop social media accounts such as Twitter or Instagram where you post updates about projects completed by your company or upcoming promotions or deals they may offer their clients. Lastly, electrical contracting businesses should create a website if possible; this will allow even more visibility online with a potential customer base seeking an electrician’s service online.

Finally, once everything has been established, it is time to focus on purchasing electrical contractor software and finding employees who can handle complex tasks such as wiring installation, repair, etc. This could include hiring apprentice electricians who would learn under experienced professionals until they became certified themselves, thus increasing staff size and handling larger jobs while maintaining quality standards set forth by the company itself. In terms of equipment, having the right tools to complete the job efficiently and safely is essential to running a successful operation and completing more jobs in time, regardless of whether you work in a residential or commercial setting.

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