Pennsylvania Electrical License: How To Acquire It?

Being an electrician is not merely a job but also a promising career path. Electrical contractors are in demand With various job prospects and a reasonable wage. Additionally, there is job stability because there will always be a demand for trained tradespeople to install and maintain the electrical systems in homes and businesses.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 711,200 electricians are employed nationwide, with 19,390 working in Pennsylvania. Over 50,000 will join the ranks, increasing the national total by 7% between 2021 and 2031. According to CareerOneStop, the U.S. Department of Labor’s job search website, Pennsylvania is forecast to see a slightly higher growth rate — 10%.

Finding experienced tradespeople is a nationwide search for many contractors. The 2022 AGC-Autodesk Workforce Survey by the Associated General Contractors of America found that 93% of U.S. businesses needed more employees to fill hourly craft occupations, including HVAC technicians, electricians, and plumbers. You will therefore have a wide selection of employment to choose from when you’re ready if you receive the required training.

Although being an electrician takes time, you are compensated for your efforts as you learn and develop your skills.

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Do Electricians in Pennsylvania Need a License?

In Pennsylvania, electricians need a license only some of the time.

You must abide by Pennsylvania’s Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act to provide electrical services legally in the state. Electricians cannot register, certify, or obtain state licenses throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania. For electricians, plumbers, and HVAC professionals, each of the 2,562 municipalities continues to keep its licensing standards. 

Electrical contractors are required to adhere to local building regulations and industry standards. Since each city and county has different local rules for electricians, this article provides details for the licensing procedures for Allentown, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia as examples.

Service Technicians

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How do you know you are qualified to become an electrician?

The following requirements must be met to become an electrician:

To be eligible, you must fulfill the following conditions: 

  • Eighteen or older 
  • Obtain a high school diploma or a GED. 
  • Maintain a healthy bodily state, 
  • Arrange reliable transportation to get to and from job and school 
  • Be able to work both independently and collaboratively. Follow instructions.

Depending on your state, you need to meet additional requirements before starting your job as an electrician. This article offers details on how to apply for a license in Pennsylvania.

Steps to Get an electrical license in Pennsylvania

Join an apprenticeship program in Pennsylvania. 

Fill out the application for a license as an apprentice electrician. Afterward, spend a minimum of four years working as an apprentice. 

Take the journeyman test and apply for a journeyman license following your apprenticeship. 

After two years of journeyman work, you can apply for a license as an electrical contractor.

Programs for apprentice electricians

  • IBEW Local Union 712 
  • Pennsylvania CareerLink 
  • Pennsylvania Apprentice Coordinators Association 

Pennsylvania apprenticeship programs offer instruction, practical electrical experience, and the chance to get paid. Utility companies, governmental organizations, and electrician unions support apprenticeship programs. The costs of each program vary depending on its rules. Trade schools for electricians can charge up to $10,000 in tuition. Accredited trade schools provide financial aid.

Requirements for an apprenticeship program

  • The age of majority is 18 years.
  • Possess a GED or high school diploma,
  • Be able to execute electrical work physically,
  • Have a spotless driving record

Workplace Experience:

  • Support the supervisors of electricians
  • Drive a business car
  • Help with electrical system installation and maintenance
  • Verify that the electrical systems are functioning appropriately.

Information about Pennsylvania electrical licenses: Exam costs and criteria vary by town. Electrician exams have a 70% passing mark. Pennsylvanian licensing boards in each locality conduct the exams.

Examining Electricians in Pennsylvania

Knowledge of Feeders, Services, and Equipment, as well as Materials and Wiring Techniques

Devices control motors and generators.

Examination Study Materials for Branch Circuits and Conductors

  • Pennsylvania Electrician Exam – Tests.com
  • Electrical Exam Preparation
  • Journeyman Electrician Exam – Test Prep Review

Types of Pennsylvania Electrical Licences

Pennsylvania has three separate categories of electrical licenses: electrical contractor, electrical journeyman, and electrical apprentice.

Apprentice electricians in Pennsylvania install, maintain, and repair electrical systems in commercial and residential buildings. 

Journeyman electricians and electrical contractors are in charge of supervising the trainee electricians. Candidates for the license of an apprentice electrician must:

  • Enroll in an apprenticeship program in Pennsylvania
  • Possess a GED or high school diploma
  • The age of majority is 18 years.
  • Pass the math course in high school
  • Become a registered electrician apprentice
  • Passing a test of general ability

Pennsylvania journeyman electricians modify, maintain, and install any electrically powered machinery. 

They oversee apprentice electricians’ work. A journeyman electrician license applicant must:

  • Possess at least four years of apprentice electrician experience, 
  • The completion of an apprenticeship program in Pennsylvania,
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED 
  • 18 years old.
  • Examine your journeyman skills.
  • Submit an application

Pennsylvania electrical companies supervise apprentice and journeyman electricians. 

They look after, install, fix, and modify cables, fittings, conduits, and electrical apparatus. Candidates should:

  • Possess a journeyman electrician license in good standing
  • Spend at least two years working as a journeyman electrician.
  • Both workers’ compensation and general liability insurance
  • Passing the electrical contractor test

At the state level, electrical licenses are not managed. Fees for obtaining a license can change. Applying for a Pennsylvania electrical license requires contacting the local electrical licensing board. 

Pennsylvania electricians make, on average, $21.61 per hour.

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Benefits of Becoming a Licenced Electrician in Pennsylvania

Obtaining a Pennsylvania electrician license has many advantages:


  • Your trade license demonstrates your knowledge and expertise.
  • Only licensed electricians can pull electrical permits, pass inspections, establish a business and advertise services, work independently as an electrical contractor, and submit bids for city projects.
  • A license protects your business and customers.
  • Your ability to compete for jobs increases if you have an electrician license.
  • As an electrician, it also raises your income potential.


Trends in the electrical industry

The market for home renovations is increasing. Numerous homeowners choose to modify their current homes instead of building new ones. They employ electricians to upgrade their homes’ wiring and install new lighting fixtures.

Cyber attacks could target power grid lines. Businesses rely on electricians to modify the grid wires to mitigate cybersecurity attacks.

Technology companies create electrical tools to reduce the frequency of injuries electricians suffer while working. Attending electrical trade exhibitions can provide information on the newest electrical gear and technologies.

Is my license only valid in Pennsylvania?

With other states, Pennsylvania does not have reciprocal agreements.

You can contact your local electrician licensing board to change your name, replace your card, or update your address.

Pennsylvania Electrical License: How To Acquire It?

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