Best Electrician Blogs and Resources

The Best Electrician Blogs And Resources For You To Follow In 2024

The need for the electricians’ community increases every year with rapidly changing innovations and technologies.

Their expertise, vast experience, and constantly updating knowledge make it possible for them to help commercial, industrial or residential customers. It also helps that today’s business market expects you to be on your toes to stay ahead of the curve. Electrical service providers must also educate customers on a wide range of electricity-related concerns and goods to increase sales. And to achieve this, one must keep in touch with the latest and current trends, information, and activities in their industry.

To keep the electrician’s community abreast of the latest trends in their business and the top electrical companies, many firms and contractors have documented their mistakes and accomplishments to disseminate knowledge and raise awareness in the electrical community. Several have benefited and helped grow their business and communities through this documentation.

Electrician blogs and other internet material provide the ideal medium for building awareness and knowledge. This is why we combed the internet and found the best and most successful electrician’s blogs, electrician’s websites, electrical forums, electrician articles and publications that can help you with your work and business, regardless of whether you are an experienced professional or a trainee. All must learn to negotiate an entirely new market element. Many of these on-the-job technicians know through on-ground experience.

We hope this blog helps you deal with such problems.

10 Electrical Blogs You Must Read

The following are ten of the most reliable and instructive electrician blogs, online tools, and electrical contractor forums accessible for professional electricians, electrical contractors, and business owners. These will help you to stay engaged with the industry and become leaders in your sector. If you’re going to develop your electrician blog to serve your company’s clients better, you can get plenty of good topic ideas from this list.

1.ElectricalWiki Electrical Blog

ElectricalWiki, a highly technical site aimed at electrical engineers and experienced electricians, provides articles on the design, installation, testing, and commissioning of electrical equipment and systems. This newer electrical blog, which began in November 2019, publishes entries twice a week.

2. Electrical Career Now Blog

Electrical Career Now has various articles on issues relevant to students and adults considering careers as electricians (such as the differences between commercial and residential electrical work). The group publishes informative articles about working in the electrical industry and collaborates with local trade schools and training programs to promote job and educational prospects in the industry.

3. Nexstar Blog

Nexstar Network is a well-known member-owned organization for independent home service providers focusing on education and business networking for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC contractors. The Nexstar blog offers business tips, profiles successful contractors, and other free resources to help electricians develop their businesses and stay connected to the industry.

4. Kleins Tools Blog

A well-known series of tools and hardware designed specifically for experienced trade professionals, the Klein Tools Blog emphasizes electrical and utility applications. The blog is published monthly and covers various electrical industry trends and issues, from on-the-job safety to industry news and trade trends.

5. Vital Storm Blog

VitalStorm assists organizations in measuring their online analytics to create more leads, optimize digital marketing efforts, and increase income. To ensure their service company’s online presence follows best practices, electrical contractors and business owners may get approachable, actionable information on SEO, digital advertising, website performance, content marketing, and social networking.

6. Mr. Electric Blog

Mr. Electric, a global franchise company specializing in electrical installation and maintenance, serves residential and business customers in approximately 200 locations across the United States and around the world. The Mr. Electric blog is primarily aimed at homes and business owners looking for electrical solutions, and it features content themes that qualified local electricians may find valuable.

7. Root Electric Blog

Root Electric in Northern Virginia is a family-owned and operated business that offers commercial and residential electrical services. The tiny firm thrives at content marketing, consistently producing valuable articles and videos for clients on themes ranging from electrical safety and repair recommendations for homeowners on common electrical problems to energy saving in commercial buildings.

8. Success Group International

Electricians’ Success International, one of four home service contractor organizations supported by Success Group International, is a membership organization dedicated to assisting residential electricians in growing their companies. The SGI Resources page provides free ideas, resources, and industry insights for business owners and company executives on issues ranging from customer service and management approaches to scheduling best practices and sales training.

9. Service Nation Blog

Service Nation, the nation’s most significant private contractor association, provides electrical, plumbing, solar, and HVAC professionals with the resources they need to prosper in the service contractor industry. The association’s blog covers themes relevant to business owners in all home services sectors, including electricians, and frequently delves into industry-specific subjects.

10. Lighting Supply Blog

Lighting Supply, a fun and informative blog for novices and seasoned professionals, sells a wide range of electrical accessories and tools. Its website provides an attractive Learning Center and a comprehensive blog with important information for electrical contractors who can follow manufacturers and learn more about the cool things happening with lighting these days.

Resources For Electricians

There are numerous great electrical forums, podcasts, publications, and articles in the market. These can help you sustain the competition by updating you on the latest methods, technologies, and research.
Many of us might fail to take advantage of such tremendous assets. As a result, we’ve developed a selection of the most significant and educational resources for electrical technicians, professionals, and the electrical community.

Electrical Forums / Electricians Forums


1.Electrical Talk Articles

Electrician Talk is one of the vast electricians’ forums with sections devoted to topics ranging from renewable energy to vintage electrical installations. It has a global reach, with electricians from all over the world, and it is one of the most popular online electricians’ forums for professional electricians. On the website’s free electricians’ forums, you may find various discussion subjects, regularly produced electrician blogs, and news pieces full of topical industry topics.

2. IBEW Media Centre

Even if you aren’t a member, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers can help you stay informed about the industry. They represent over 750,000 workers and retirees in diverse electrical professions in the United States and Canada. The Media Center updates its online content regularly with IBEW news, local interest stories starring electrical employees, and commentary on national headlines likely to impact the industry.

3. Mike holts forum

The Mike Holt Forum is a part of electricians’ forums that remains active with debates amongst seasoned electricians, inspectors, engineers, and those aspiring to be electrical contractors. This online electrician training and study forum offers practical electrical assistance from peers and other students. Mike Holt’s Forum assists anyone who wants to learn more about being an electrician.

4. Electrician Mentor

A Master Electrician founded the Electrician Mentor to encourage and teach aspiring electrical students how to become electricians. The Electrician Mentor also posts relevant content to help learn which equipment is worth purchasing, which books will help you prep for licensing exams, and so much more.

5. Contractor Talk Electrical Forum

The blog provides one of the most comprehensive online contractor hubs, with specific electricians’ forums for many professions and disciplines. The Electrical Forum, which professional electricians and industry veterans inhabit, provides industrial insights and expert opinions on diverse electrical contracting themes. You can read product reviews, watch videos on the most recent difficulties confronting electricians, and much more.

6.HouseRepair Talk Electrical and Wiring Forum

HouseRepairTalk is an online community where homeowners and contractors may discuss all types of house repairs and residential construction projects. The website’s Electrical & Wiring area, which has over 16,500 comments on nearly 2,000 posts, provides an interactive platform for electricians and homeowners looking to save money to discuss their electrical projects, inquiries, and wiring difficulties.


1.EEs talk tech 

Daniel Bogdanoff and Mike Hoffman established an electrical engineering podcast after overhearing conversations about the changing electronics and electrical engineering world. Daniel and Mike invite Keysight’s engineering team members to share their unique insights on a wide range of topics ranging from the fundamentals of electrical engineering to the severe engineering problems of tomorrow’s technologies.

2.Switched On

BNEF analysts discuss the future of energy, transportation, sustainability, and other topics. Mark Taylor and Dana Perkins interview Bloomberg NEF (BNEF) analysts each week to learn about their current research’s crucial findings and stories.

3. The Electrical Show Podcast

This podcast covers all of the current subjects in the world of electricals, such as product debuts, top tips, and special guests.
Thomas will also be joined by some of the industry’s top stars to discuss the latest news and trends.

4. Electrical Learning Podcast

You can prepare and study for the Electrician tests, wireman, journeyman, and master electrician by listening to these podcasts while working.

5. The Electrical Current Podcast
Join Independent Electrical Contractors CEO Spenser Villwock for interviews with interesting guests, discussions on diverse trade subjects, and uplifting messages for the future of our industry’s workforce.


1.Electrical News

Electrical News has been publishing for over three decades and delivers worldwide, national, and local news of interest to electricians and others in the electrical business. Its contributor blogs cover timely and relevant themes. The website’s archive and extra content cover a wide range of regional, national, and international electrical industry news stories, making it a trustworthy go-to resource for electrician blogs. Industry news, company information, profiles, and updates on prominent persons and organizations, as well as innovative ideas, are all included in the journal.

2. Electrical Contractor Magazines
This magazine contains industry news as well as helpful hints for business owners. Read product reviews, watch videos on the newest electrical difficulties, and more. They just created a quarterly magazine called Safety Leader, and the NECA Newsroom frequently distributes association updates, industry how-to articles, and educational webinars on its website, as well as important news on legislation that is expected to affect electricians. They also publish and distribute a variety of specialist newsletters, which you may subscribe to and receive in your mailbox.

3. Voltage
Voltage magazine and news site is devoted to the electrical industry and includes buyer’s guides, product information, and content for businesses and electrical professionals.
Their journal and website aim to bring buyers and sellers of electrical and utility equipment together. Electrical professionals can access free news on everything from the latest electrical products and warranties to emerging industry leaders and economic studies by visiting the website or digital magazine.

4. Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine

For electrical design, construction, operations, and maintenance professionals, EC&M delivers technical articles, market and construction predictions, proprietary reports, and news. This newspaper covers the electrical business, including concepts and difficulties that contractors confront today. There is a wealth of industry information available here.

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