Top Features

We understand that a business needs software that is focused on their workflow accurately. One needs an experience tailored to them. Thus, ZenHVAC helps you harness your full potential by digitally transforming the business.

Some Key Features

Agreement Creation with ZENHVAC

Maintenance Agreements

Bring clarity and consistency to your services with the ZenHVAC Maintenance Agreements through defined contracts that state the scope of fire services and the responsibilities of both parties. Easily plan and schedule recurring maintenance work orders, and ensure customer satisfaction and a direct rise in revenue and profitability by providing qualitative services, routine checkups, and exceptional customer support. 

Secure a stable revenue source in your off seasons and keep your business one step ahead.

Service Agreements -ZenHVAC
ZenHVAC - QuickBooks

Sync Quickbooks with ZEnHVAC

Quickbooks Integration

Streamline your accounting duties and save time with ZenHVAC’s QuickBooks Integration. Thanks to seamless syncing, your account information will always be current, which automates data transfer and enables you to run your company more successfully. With the help of our service, you can use organized financial data and financial reports to enhance your company’s performance. You can maximize your company income with real-time insights into your cash flows and effective inventory management.

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HVAC Scheduling & Dispatching feature

Scheduling & dispatching

Utilize the user-friendly drag-and-drop feature to schedule jobs quickly while efficiently keeping track of crucial job-related information like working hours and location. 

Easily plan one-time tasks as well as regular ones. 

Accessing all client information in one place gives technicians access to job-specific information that helps them finish tasks on schedule. 

Allocating technicians, per their specialties, provides your customers with excellent service, especially when they are sent to the right place at the right time.


Generate HVAC Invoices seamlessly


You can complete more tasks and handle payments more quickly using digital, quick, and personalized invoice designs. This will help you save time. 

By automating routine chores like payment reminders and tracking, businesses can focus more of their time on more crucial initiatives. 

Bills with correct information and a professional appearance can improve client relationships and boost output. 

Easily create estimates, get customer’s approval, and convert it to invoices.

Streamline with ZenHVAC

Estimates & Proposals

With ZenHVAC’s estimating software, avoid delays in service payment fulfillment by removing human error or miscalculation. 

Automate time-consuming tasks like calculating prices or material quantities to save time and prioritize projects that will boost revenue.

Generate professional, customized proposals that help make a sophisticated impression on your clients, building confidence and loyalty with time. 

You can also track service expenses and monitor financial performance to prevent going out of budget and get more sales and revenue.

ZP-Estimates Approval

Go Digital with ZenHVAC

Forms & Checklists

Go digital and reduce technicians’ time on inspections using Zenfire’s customizable electronic forms and checklists. Eliminate the chances of losing data and say no to messy paperwork as you access all forms, checklists, reports, and other documents offline/online through Zenfire’s mobile apps. 


Your existing forms and workflow can be digitalized and integrated with Zenfire. 

You can convert deficiencies into estimates faster and have real-time insights with accurate inspection reports.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer Management

Give your clients a personalized customer experience with Zenfire’s customer management software that stores and organizes all client information, like service and billing locations, etc., in one place, accessible at all times. 

Keep a record of all your customers’ previous service visits and other details like their quotes and estimate history. This will allow you to better serve your client’s needs and cultivate a more substantial relationship that boosts productivity, efficiency, sales, and revenue.

HVAC Calling Customer List
ZH-Reports Monthly Quarterly

Analyze ready intelligence reports

Business Intelligence report

ZenHVAC’s monthly and quarterly business reports will enhance the company’s decision-making skills by analyzing revenue generation and business performance. You can also track technician performance using the mobile app that collects data directly from the field, thus increasing business efficiency. Analyze ready intelligence reports and target strategies that work best for your business to improve productivity and profitability.

Receive updates wherever you go

Mobile App

With ZenHVAC, managing your job schedule has never been more straightforward. Communicate with your team through push notifications from the job details page, and view all your jobs in one place.

Users of iOS and Android devices can download the ZenHVAC mobile software, which includes an offline mode. Technicians can create notes with text and pictures. They can also access a daily timetable with details about clients’ properties, photographs, and dispatch notes. 

Use the ZenHVAC app to plan tasks, gather real-time data, monitor technicians’ work and travel time, and quickly locate service locations.

ZenFire Mobile App
Call Booking Zenfire

Accept Booking with ZENHVAC

Call Booking

Many of ZenHVAC’s call booking functions increase your efficiency and client service. When you receive calls, you can quickly obtain information about clients, past jobs, and maintenance agreements. While on the call, you can also take notes, make tickets, and visit other websites without losing connection. As well as record all calls for future use, and a pop-up will show after each contact for you to mark the status. It automates and eases inbound and outbound service call management. Further, it allows users to work from anywhere without having to stay at their desks all the time.

REal-Time Technician Tracking

Technician Tracking

HVAC businesses can gain a lot from using ZenHVAC’s technician monitoring software. 

You can ensure technicians work where they should be and show up at job places on time by monitoring their locations on a map. 

By doing so, payroll administration is made more straightforward, and time spent on activities like travel, job accomplishment, and breaks is accurately recorded. 

The HVAC app allows technicians to clock in and out of work, giving you access to real-time availability data to plan jobs more effectively. 

You can use the dashboard tool to analyze data on travel time, job duration, and break time, providing you with insightful information about the performance of your business and possible improvement areas.

Technician Tracking on ZenFire


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