2023’S Best CRM For Electrical Contractors And Why You Need It

Field service jobs might be primarily technical but rely on communication and maintaining customer relationships. Doing their jobs perfectly matters most, but the service improves with a great customer experience. Technicians and customer support specialists are encouraged to build solid and healthy customer relations. 

Customer Relationship Management software can help you with this. The software will also help improve your organization. Several electrical contractors, managers, and owners realized that a CRM could benefit employees and help create more jobs and revenue. 

The difficulty lies in selecting a CRM that perfectly suits your Electrical Contracting business. Finding a CRM for electricians that streamlines and optimizes your workflow, syncs, and integrates with other software takes a lot of work. You should also ensure that the CRM you choose is technician friendly and has an updated modern user interface. 

So we have mined the mountain for you and found the perfect CRM for Electrical Contractors since doing trial and error on multiple CRMs isn’t productive. 

We have put together this article that addresses a few important aspects while choosing a CRM. Like, features you should look for while selecting a CRM, the different benefits of upgrading to electrical CRM software, and discussing the qualities of ZenTrades’s electrical CRM, which is a one-stop solution for electrical contracting businesses — budding and established

Here What We Cover

Features Of A Good CRM For Electrical Contractors

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is a cloud-based software program with many features designed to improve and streamline the customer experience and make your day-to-day life more manageable. Because a CRM is a web-based platform, you can use it as a field service management tool on the job site.

CRM software allows you to keep all of your customer and project data in one place rather than storing it in various word documents or file cabinets—this makes it simple to access all of this information with the click of a button.

Many industries can benefit from a CRM, and for electrical contractors and electrical companies, it helps to save time and energy that could be better spent doing the hands-on work for which you were hired rather than back-end tasks.


Not all CRM systems are created equal. This is critical to remember when deciding which to implement in your contracting business. For example, a CRM that works for a larger company may be more complicated than necessary for your electrical business. Fortunately, numerous CRM options can meet your requirements!

Service Technicians

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Before considering any of a CRM’s other characteristics, you should look at its features and functionality. These additional features will only be meaningful if your CRM can function as required! As a contractor rather than a more prominent firm, you will likely only need one of the simpler CRM systems.

Take stock of your company’s needs, and then look for a CRM that can meet those needs. Look for a scalable CRM that is also scalable, so you can upgrade it as your business grows and your needs change.


Another important consideration is whether or not a CRM system integrates with the other applications you already use daily. As a result, the CRM system can streamline your processes as intended. Not only should it be compatible with Office or Google G Suite, but it should also be compatible with other software, such as accounting software or marketing solutions. The ease of transferring existing data into this CRM, as well as the ability to export data from it, later on, will be important considerations.



Request a free trial of the CRM system you are considering. You should do this for multiple CRM to compare their strengths and weaknesses and narrow down your options. You should always try out the software before purchasing it to see how it works in real-time. This is also something that CRM companies frequently provide, so the request should not be surprising.


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Best CRM Software For Electrical Contractors

Based on the features, pricing, and ease-of-use we have shortlisted 5 5 electrical contractor software with CRM to help you manage your business effectively.

  • ZenTrades
  • Kickserv
  • Jobber
  • Service Titan
  • Red Rhino

Benefits Of CRM For Electrical Contractors

A CRM system can benefit electrical contractors by allowing them to stay more organized and improve customer relationships. It also has other advantages, such as automating tedious tasks and guiding prospective customers through the sales process and funnel.

Let us see all the different benefits and advantages of using an electrical contractor CRM.


It is a powerful tool for customer service, allowing you to provide much better service than you could.

CRM centralizes all of your information, making it simple to access any information if you have a disagreement or an issue with one of your clients. You can quickly solve the problem and save your customer from frustration and annoyance.

Automation can also provide better customer service by immediately delivering specific information to your clients, eliminating the need for them to wait for quotes, contracts, and other documents.


Many CRMs are specifically designed to help with sales. They include unique features that can significantly benefit your sales approach and lead to more customers or more extensive sales with your existing clients! These features can be helpful because many are automated or will alert you to specific events, such as when you receive a response.

This enables you to work on other aspects of your business without affecting sales. CRM for electricians also provides analytics, allowing you to examine what is not working in your sales strategy. You can also use them to identify your top customers so that you can provide the best experience and service levels to close a sale.


Increased efficiency is one of the most significant advantages of a CRM system. This efficiency can be applied to various aspects of your business, including contact management, project communication, phone calls and sales.

Because your CRM collects and stores information in a centralized location, it makes it simple to access this information with the click of a button rather than searching through documents or file cabinets.

Most CRMs include automation, allowing you to automate specific tasks to save yourself the time it would take to do them manually. Examples include administrative tasks such as contract sending.


A CRM system can assist businesses in automating their marketing efforts and tracking their campaigns’ effectiveness.


By automating tasks and providing insights about customer info, customer requests
and sales, a CRM system can help businesses save time and money.


If you are a contractor who works solely on your own, you are most likely handling every aspect of the process of an electrical or construction projects, from the sales process to the actual electrical work you are hired to do. If you have even one other person working with you, such as an office worker who handles your sales communications, a CRM can help you collaborate more effectively.

Because it is all in one place, CRM software can help you pass information back and forth. As a result, it enables you to collaborate and manage the customer life cycle, which can be complex.

A field service management software with CRM can tackle multiple pain points of the business workflow. When it comes to managing customers and running a business smoothly, office managers and CSRs are responsible for most of the process.

ZenTrade’s CRM is a cloud based platform that can take up the burden of doing all the time-consuming work, like creating spreadsheets, keeping paperwork, and filing cabinets.

Sloppy notes, misheard information, or misplaced paperwork can cause problems, but they can also lead to more significant problems and unhappy customers.

CRM software also keeps technicians in the loop.


Many commercial electrical service contractors bill their customers with paper invoices after service or at the end of the month. Technicians may collect payment information on the job, but this can become disorganized if job notes are challenging to read. It’s also not the safest way to collect credit 

ZenTrade’s CRM makes payment processes more accessible and secure by enabling CSRs to send polished invoices via email, where customers can pay their bills online. The CRM software solution integrates with QuickBooks, so you won’t have to re-enter payment information from one app to the next; everything will be updated and organized for you.


SmartServ’s CRM for electrical contractors enables field technicians to update customer notes from weekend service calls and do the legwork for CSRs. There is no need for calls to go unanswered or information to pile up because everyone can access ZenTrade’s CRM via the mobile app.


It can take a long time to follow up with customers to see how their service went. Furthermore, you may miss valuable feedback and positive reviews if you do not contact the customer by phone or email.

ServiceTitan addresses both issues by automatically sending “satisfaction survey” texts to customers the day after their appointments. This allows customers to provide feedback more efficiently and saves CSRs time when calling to check in.

Updating customers on service appointments and technician arrivals are two other time-consuming tasks assigned to employees.

SmartServ’s CRM software sends automated text messages to customers the day before and the day of their appointment. Furthermore, customers can GPS track their technicians and stay updated on their location in real-time with SmartServ’s mobile electrical CRM.


Upgrading to CRM software has numerous advantages, but convenience is one of many things to consider; there are actual consequences to not having a CRM, the most significant of which is lost revenue.

Without a CRM, it’s difficult for office staff to use their time efficiently. Techs are left out of the loop regarding service job details; customers may become dissatisfied. You may miss out on opportunities to receive customer feedback and online reviews, and, ultimately, you may need to be more organized and professional.

While CRMs are beneficial to improving customer relationships, they are also helpful to business in general and provide benefits to employees.

SmartServ’s CRM is a one-stop solution for business owners looking for field service management software that will ultimately improve and streamline their internal processes. 

Simplifies CSR tasks, gets technicians more involved in customer communications and allows management to peek in on day-to-day performance and find ways to improve business.

2023’S Best CRM For Electrical Contractors And Why You Need It

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