Transform Your Business with the Best Electrical CRM Software

ZenElectrical CRM Software has been designed specifically for electrical contractors to help you manage client relations, automate sales procedures, and boost general business productivity, all of which can alter your company. You can quickly track customer information, make appointments, and provide excellent customer service with ZenElectrical CRM.

Exclusive ZenElectrical CRM Features

Customer Records

Detailed customer information with a comprehensive database feature.

Forms & Checklist
Appointment Scheduling

SmartCall integration for seamless appointment scheduling.

Service Agreement
Service Contracts

Manage contracts efficiently with ZenElectrical CRM for exceptional service.

Forms & Checklist
Online Booking

Allow customers to book appointments online with ease.

Service Agreement Management

ZenElectrical simplifies contract management, allowing you to keep track of all your service agreements in one place. You can manage contracts effortlessly, schedule appointments, and get reminders for renewal dates. This feature streamlines your organization and helps you provide outstanding customer service.

Service Agreement
Service Agreement Equipment

Cutomized Equipments

With ZenElectrical, you can easily access all client information and job history in one location. This allows you to provide high-quality service and plan and schedule work efficiently. You can also use this feature to identify areas for improvement and improve overall business operations.

Quotes approval System

ZenElectrical CRM Quotes/Estimate Approval System allows customers to quickly approve service estimates via email, streamlining the billing process. The system uses secure and reliable tracking techniques to prevent paperwork loss and ensure efficient billing.

Estimates Approval
ZenElectrical Web Booking

Web Booking

The Web Booking feature in ZenElectrical enables customers to book appointments on your website, increasing your chances of securing more jobs.

Service History

ZenElectrical CRM records all customer jobs, billing addresses, and more, making it easier to access information and provide excellent service.

Customers CRM
Mobile App

Mobile App

ZenElectrical mobile app allows you to manage your service contracts, schedule recurring tasks, and keep track of contract renewals wherever you are. The platform enhances the customer experience and streamlines business procedures, increasing revenue and expansion.

Why is ZenElectrical the Best Software for Your Booming Business?

ZenElectrical’s CRM software gives you the convenience, accuracy, and speed to take your electrical business to the next level. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a more efficient way of doing business with ZenElectrical.

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