NFPA 1, Fire Code

NFPA 13D is a residential sprinkler design standard focused on one- and two- family dwellings and manufactured homes. The intent is to provide an affordable sprinkler system in homes while maintaining a high level of life safety.
Current Version: 2024
Revision Cycle: Annual 2026 NFPA 1
Next Edition: 2027
Status: Active

NFPA 1 Summary

The NFPA 1, Fire Code 2024 edition, serves as a comprehensive guide, offering an integrated approach to fire code regulation and hazard management. Tailored to enhance fire and life safety for the public, first responders, and property protection, this edition is invaluable. Applicable to both new and existing conditions, the code proves indispensable for a wide spectrum of professionals including fire marshals, code officials, inspectors, facility owners and managers, and others entrusted with life safety and building security. Continuing its tradition of providing the most current resources, the 2024 edition addresses an array of fire safety concerns—from fire alarms and sprinkler systems to building process hazards and life safety protocols. In summary, the NFPA 1 Fire Code 2024 edition stands as a pivotal instrument for ensuring safety and compliance, mitigating loss of life and property, and advancing public and first-responder

What is the key differences between NFPA 1, 2024 and its preceding version?

NFPA 1, Fire Code 2024 edition introduces several significant changes compared to its predecessors. Here are some of the notable revisions: Outdoor Use of Electrically Powered Cooking Appliances in Residential Occupancies: The 2024 edition has amended the requirements concerning the outdoor use of electrically powered cooking appliances in residential occupancies. Powered Micro-Mobility Devices: New regulations have been introduced for powered micro-mobility devices, including e-bikes and e-scooters. In-Building Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems: The 2024 edition has updated the requirements for in-building emergency responder communication enhancement systems to ensure effective communication during emergencies. QR Codes for Identifying Changes: Marginal markings utilized in previous versions to identify technical changes have been replaced with QR codes in the 2024 edition. This transition enables more precise identification of code alterations. These changes embody the latest methodologies, practices, and technologies in the built environment, all aimed at enhancing safety standards. It is imperative to recognize that NFPA updates its codes and standards every three years to incorporate these advancements.
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