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We understand that a business needs software that is focused on their workflow accurately. One needs an experience tailored to them. Thus, ZenFire helps you harness your full potential by digitally transforming the business.

Key Features

Forms & Checklist
Customizable Forms & Checklists

Create digital forms and checklists exactly as you want

Reports & Analytics

Create detailed and accurate inspection reports from the field.

Mobile App
Mobile App

Seamless communication and tracking, create notes, works offline.

Service Agreement
Service Agreements

Streamline recurring inspections, and never miss a scheduled inspection.

fire inspection software
“My technicians and dispatchers just can’t stop talking about how this software is helping them save more than 24 hours a week. My team converted more than 15 NFPA checklist excel forms to digital forms. Now we can pull up reports whenever we want. Schedule recurring inspections. I have an extra day in a week to spend time with my family”

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Never Miss An Inspection

  • Simplify your fire protection inspections with our inspection management feature.
  • Schedule inspections quickly and easily with our user-friendly software.
  • Set up recurring inspections and receive automated reminders to ensure you never miss an inspection.
  • Keep track of all your inspection history in one place, so you can easily track progress over time and ensure your fire protection systems are always up-to-date.
ZenFire Dispatching


Unlimited NFPA Forms
& Checklists

  • Stay compliant with NFPA regulations using our fire inspection software’s NFPA Inspections feature.
  • Schedule and manage all required inspections to ensure your fire protection systems are in compliance with NFPA codes and standards.
  • Access up-to-date information on the latest NFPA codes and standards to ensure your inspections are accurate and thorough.
  • Get automated suggestions based on  NFPA guidelines during inspections.
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Mobile Access: Inspect Anywhere, Anytime

  • Conduct fire protection inspections on the go with our Mobile Access feature.
  • Access all your inspection forms and data from your mobile device so you can inspect anywhere, anytime.
  • Capture photos and videos during inspections and attach them to your inspection reports for a more comprehensive record.
  • Sync your inspection data in real-time with your team, so everyone is up-to-date and can coordinate accordingly, resulting in a more efficient and effective inspection process.

FIRE INSPECTION Forms & Checklist

Create Service Proposals on Field

  • Create your own digitalized inspection forms tailored to your specific needs and requirements.
  • Manage all your custom forms in one place, so you can easily access and use them during inspections.
  • Save time by pre-populating common information and data into your custom forms.

Frequently Asked Question's

Yes, the ZenFire data migration team helps you import your existing data from QuickBooks (Online & Desktop) and your previous data-saving format. We also perform data cleaning to ensure that accurate data gets imported. Our team also conducts a data review session to verify if everything you want is available.


ZenFire is known to be the best fire inspection software for US and Canada fire protection companies. It is known for its ease of use and 24/7 live customer support on any given day. Any fire protection company can make use of digitized fire safety checklists, inspection reporting, collecting digital signatures, on-field estimating and invoicing, etc.

ZenFire digitizes all of your NFPA forms, which allows you to perform any inspection. For instance, fire alarm inspection, standpipe/fire pump inspection, battery test, fire suppression system inspection, fire and life safety inspection, fire hose/fire extinguisher inspection, annual fire hydrant inspection, fire sprinkler inspection, and more.

Yes, as mentioned in the contract, you get all of your data back.

Yes. ZenFire protection software integrates with Intuit QuickBooks. It supports both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. With QuickBooks integration, ZenFire eliminates the double-entry requirements and ensures real-time data transfer. For more details, review ZenFire QuickBooks Integration.

Yes, ZenFire has a fire inspection app that is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS users.

The techs on the field can access all inspection details on the go. The techs can send voice commands for notes and access custom templates available for estimates and invoicing.

Weak internet network? No worries because the ZenFire inspection app operates even in offline mode! And the best part, it is user-friendly and connects field techs with back-office in real-time without interruptions.

Yes, ZenFire fire alarm inspection software provides 24/7 live customer support. A dedicated account manager stays in touch with each fire protection company customer for any queries. The users can call or email on any day and at all hours of the day for any queries, including weekends and holidays.


Yes, ZenFire provides fire safety checklists. The users can access digitized NFPA-recommended forms and checklists on mobile fire inspection software with a click.

A fire protection technician is a specialist in the science of fire prevention. The technicians commission, install, test, and maintain fire protection systems and equipment, and helps in identifying the risk of fire, and deploys proper safeguards in buildings and other facilities. The federal, state and local firefighting organizations employ fire technicians.

One must be able to cope up with the physical demands of the job, interpret and apply technical regulations, codes, and standards.

  • Each company has its own hiring requirements. Therefore, one must know the basics of the field. The best way to achieve it is by volunteering or being a paid firefighter. You can attend a fire training program, pass the physical fitness test, drug test, and background check. Alternatively, one may directly attend a 2-year training program to become a fire protection technician.
  • Enroll in a fire protection technician training program, which will employ a combination of classroom and laboratory experience with fieldwork on actual fire scenes. The training program may also include an internship requirement, which places one in service with many employers.
  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) built a Certified Fire Protection Specialist Board. One will need a bachelor’s degree in fire technology or engineering and two years’ verifiable firefighting experience to qualify for the exam. One can also take the examination by combining a two-year degree with four years of professional experience.

The environment of care (EOC) is a site where the treatment of patients takes place. It has to be a safe and healthy setting for patients, staff members, and other personnel at all times. The EC checklist for fire safety reviews some essential requirements, procedures, and life safety systems like fire sprinkler systems, fire pumps, fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, compartmentation and egress, generator sets/alternative power, etc. The tasks, however, may vary depending on the facility, safety systems, and location. For details, one must contact the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AJH).

Phase 1: Inspecting fire protection equipment or fire safety systems
Phase 2: Identifying fire hazards and people at risk
Phase 3: Assessing risks and evaluating the effectiveness of current measures
Phase 4: Reporting the situation, followed by planning and training as per need
Phase 5: Regular reviewing by the local fire safety authority

As per NFPA 10, an inspection of extinguishers should be done during initial installation and once a month after that. If extinguishers are present in locations where they are more prone to rust, impact, or tempering, the inspection must happen more frequently.


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