Field Service Management,

ZenTrades makes it all possible with AI. ZenTrades not only
optimizes workflows but also unleashes your potential to
take on more tasks with minimal investment.

Automated Call Transcription for Streamlined Ticket Creation

Say goodbye to manual note-taking and hello to effortless ticket creation with our Automated Call Transcription feature. With our Automated Call Transcription feature, you can effortlessly transform customer calls into actionable tickets, ensuring prompt issue resolution and exceptional customer experiences every time.

Accurate Transcription

Our advanced speech recognition algorithms ensure high accuracy in transcribing customer calls, precisely capturing every detail and nuance of the conversation.

Seamless Integration

Integrated seamlessly with your ticketing system, transcribed call data is instantly converted into ticket format, streamlining the ticket creation process and reducing response times.

Information Extraction

Relevant information such as customer details, issue descriptions, and service requests are automatically extracted from the call transcription

Smart Service Summary

AI provides technicians with a comprehensive service history overview for each job, offering insights into previous tasks, repairs, maintenance procedures, parts replaced, and any outstanding issues. This empowers technicians to make informed decisions, troubleshoot effectively, and avoid redundancy.

Historical Data Analysis

Based on past job records, the system identifies common repair
or maintenance tasks associated with specific equipment or locations.

Requirements Assessment

It considers the specific job requirements, such as the type of equipment, service level agreements, and any special instructions.

Inventory Recommendations

Using this information, AI recommends the optimal inventory items to stock in the technician’s truck. This includes spare parts, tools, and consumables.


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