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Accelerated reporting and estimate creation for the business

The challenges

Controlled Fire faced significant inefficiencies in their office processes, particularly in report preparation, quoting, and invoicing. Rapid business growth exacerbated these issues, leading to bottlenecks that diverted valuable time away from field operations and customer relationships. The office team felt overwhelmed, spending excessive time behind computers instead of focusing on core business activities.


 Controlled Fire adopted ZenFire’s fire inspection software to streamline its operations. They considered various options, including Service Trade, but chose ZenFire due to its comprehensive features and competitive pricing.

Implementation Experience

 Initially, Controlled Fire found the transition challenging due to the steep learning curve and having no prior experience with similar software. However, the benefits quickly became evident. The technicians started completing reports directly in the field, significantly reducing office workload and allowing senior staff to focus more on training and customer interactions.


  1. Increased Efficiency:
    • The time required for preparing and sending reports, quotes, and invoices was drastically reduced. Reports and invoices that previously took weeks to finalize were now completed within days.
    • Technicians adapted to the new system, progressively improving their accuracy and efficiency in report completion.
  2. Enhanced Field Operations:
    • Senior staff gained more time to lead and support field technicians, improving overall team performance and customer satisfaction.
  3. Responsive Support:
    • ZenFire’s support team provided prompt assistance, resolving issues quickly and efficiently. Custom report changes were implemented swiftly, ensuring the software continued to meet Controlled Fire’ evolving needs.

Client Testimonial:

Our processes are now much faster, and the support from ZenFire has been exceptional. Any requested changes are made swiftly, and their customer service is highly responsive. We’re very impressed with the improvements and the time we’ve gained back.” — Owners of Controlled Fire.


ZenFire’s fire inspection software has significantly improved the operational efficiency of Controlled Fire, enabling it to handle rapid growth without being bogged down by administrative tasks. The streamlined processes and responsive support have led to quicker turnaround times for reports and invoices, allowing the business to focus more on field operations and customer service. Controlled Fire continues to benefit from ongoing support and business consulting, helping them make informed decisions and drive future growth.

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