Improve Your Business Transactions with Top-Notch Payment Processing Software

With ZenFire’s payment processing software, businesses of all sizes can benefit from easy payment processing. The integration is straightforward, allowing you to focus on expanding your business while streamlining payments.

Secure payments

ZenFire's payment processing software offers a secure payment gateway, ensuring all transactions are protected against fraud.

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Customer Financing

ZenFire provides financing options for customers, increasing their ability to pay and generating more business revenue.

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Integrations with Prime Payment Partners

ZenFire integrates with top payment partners, like Wisetack allowing businesses to accept various payment methods, including credit and debit cards.

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Instant Payments to Your Bank Account

ZenFire lets you send payment links to your customers via email and SMS, enabling them to make quick and straightforward payments from their preferred devices. Additionally, ZenFire offers affordable rates, with transaction costs as low as 1.5%.

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Monitoring Payments Easily

ZenFire's integration makes it easy to manage business expenses, as all transactions are recorded and accessible on a single dashboard.

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No Long Wait for Payments

ZenFire's complete financial transparency ensures you can monitor payment status anytime. Your technicians will also get paid after their service, cutting down on any delays.

Why should you choose ZenFire for your business?

You can gain clients’ trust and loyalty by offering routine inspections, specialized equipment, and planned jobs. With ZenFire’s automated reminders, you will get contract expiration dates and inspections. 

Guarantee a consistent income stream by offering recurring monthly or yearly memberships to your loyal and valued customers with ZenFire.

Book a demo today and experience the efficiency and convenience of ZenFire’s fire protection software for your business!

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Don't let appointment scheduling be a source of stress for your business.

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