Manage Recurring Fire Inspections with ZenFire

Never miss an isspection. ZenFire streamlines the process of renewing agreements, making it easier for you to generate income during the off-season.


Key Features

Efficient Scheduling

Schedule recurring inspections in advance.

Forms & Checklist
Tracking Agreements

Receive automated reminders for contract renewals and updates.

Forms & Checklist
Regular Inspection Visits

Keep clients informed of inspection dates and contract renewals.

Mobile App
Business Insights

Get real-time, accurate reports on service performance for decision-making.


How ZenFire Streamlines Recurring Inspections

Schedule Inspections in Advance

Our advanced scheduling feature enables you to prioritize tasks and avoid last-minute interruptions, making it easier to manage recurring inspections. All necessary information is available on one screen, allowing you to determine which clients require inspections in advance quickly.

Fire Safety Mobile App - Fire Inspection Survey

Agreement Renewal Tracking and Management

Automated reminders help you prepare and organize upcoming inspection appointments and contract renewals, ensuring you have the necessary staff and resources to meet your customers’ requirements. You can plan your work and keep track of deadlines with ease.

Regular Inspection Visits Management

Effective contract management is critical for companies that offer field services. Our software assists you in effectively managing your contracts and meeting your client’s needs by informing you about remaining inspection visits and renewal status.

Fire Safety Mobile App - Fire Inspection Survey

Recurring Fire Safety Inspections Business Reports

Our real-time reports provide accurate information on the performance of your regular fire safety inspections program, including data on contracts currently in effect and those about to expire.

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Why Choose ZenFire for Your Business?

You can gain clients’ trust and loyalty by offering routine inspections, specialized equipment, and planned jobs. With ZenFire’s automated reminders, you will get contract expiration dates and inspections. 

Guarantee a consistent income stream by offering recurring monthly or yearly memberships to your loyal and valued customers with ZenFire.

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Don't let appointment scheduling be a source of stress for your business.

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