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We started with SmartServ in 2015 with a mission to solve lead and revenue issues of field services businesses.

Through our journey, we realized the challenges that fire inspectors  face when doing inspections and managing their operations effectively. For far too long, these businesses have relied on general software solutions that lacked personalization, leading to disruptions in their workflow and unnecessary expenses for features they didn’t need. Additionally, while some software options aimed to reduce paperwork, they failed to integrate the entire workflow seamlessly into a single system.

Recognizing these issues, ZenTrades developed ZenFire in 2021, a cutting-edge Fire Inspection software designed specifically for the Fire industry. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and tailored solution that seamlessly integrates into your workflow, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

ZenFire was launched in 2021 to address the need for specific software that matches your workflow accurately.

With modularity embedded in the product functionality and deployment, ZenFire offers users a configurable software experience, which will enable businesses to harness the full potential of CRM and ERP Software.

ZenFire focuses on creating configurable, cost-effective solutions for clients and will serve as the one-stop solution for your Fire Potection business!
  • High Configurability
  • Save Time with an Easy-To-Use Interface
  • Get 24*7 Customer Support for all your Queries
  • Make Best Use of QuickBooks Sync (Online & Offline)
  • Create quotes from the Deficiency report in minutes
  • Make more revenue with ease and automation
Create quotes from the Deficiency report in minutes Make more revenue with ease and automation

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