Digitalize Your Fire Inspections with Customizable Forms and Checklists.

Make your inspections 2x effective with digitalized forms and checklists. Get your forms digitalized on iPads and create notes in the field.

Easily organize and manage all your appointments, inspections, and assistance. Whether regular maintenance or emergency repairs, our forms, and checklists optimize the process, ensuring a stress-free experience for you and your customers.

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Here are some top ZenFire Forms and Checklists features

Back office sync

Send documents via email for real-time updates.

Forms & Checklist
Mobile access

Access all inspection documents on the mobile app.

Forms & Checklist

Personalize your existing checklists into digital checklists and forms.

Mobile App
Offline Capabilities

Upload all inspection documents offline without any data loss.


Inspections made Easy with Checklists and Forms

Customizable forms and checklists

With ZenFire, you can create your own or choose from multiple custom templates. Alternatively, if you already have existing fire safety checklists and forms, we can digitize them, making the transition to our software quick and seamless.

Our user-friendly software allows you to access your checklists and forms from anywhere, making it easy to manage your fire services business from the field or office. ZenFire’s digital forms and checklists can ensure that all the necessary information is captured accurately, minimizing errors and oversights.

Customize Checklists
Fire Safety Mobile App - Fire Inspection Survey

Access and upload documents even while offline

We recognize that low internet connectivity may affect your technicians’ work. ZenFire allows technicians to access and upload all necessary documents, notes, and pictures offline. The media is stored in the cloud and automatically synced when internet connectivity is restored, ensuring no data loss.

Allow technicians to access the software through mobile apps.

Whether on the job site, at home, or in the office, you can conveniently access your inspection forms, checklists, notes, pictures, etc, using your mobile, tablet, or web browser.

ZenFire’s user-friendly software provides a seamless experience, enabling you to fill out forms and checklists quickly and efficiently. You can easily upload pictures, videos, and other media to support your inspection reports, making communicating with your team and clients in real-time easier.

ZenFire Mobile App
Fire Safety Mobile App - Fire Inspection Survey

Connect your technicians to the office while on the field

With ZenFire’s forms and checklists, you can share forms with customers and your back-office team in real-time, eliminating the need for physical copies.

Our software enables you to create custom forms and inspection checklists, making it easy to collect and manage data from the field. With digital signatures, approvals and verifications are streamlined, ensuring compliance with regulations and saving you time and hassle.

Go paperless and save the environment

Don’t let paperwork and manual work slow you down. Upgrade your fire services management with ZenFire’s digitized checklists and say goodbye to heavy lifting and time-consuming data entry. In addition to eliminating messy paperwork, our digitized checklists also help you save time and reduce errors.

 With automatic reminders and digital signatures, you can stay on top of your tasks, ensure timely approvals, and avoid costly mistakes.

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