Fire Department Scheduling Software
ZenFire’s Scheduling Software is designed to streamline complex scheduling tasks in fire departments. It features features like drag-and-drop job management, real-time analytics, and integration with other field services.

ZenFire's Unique Scheduling Features

Drag & Drop

Simplify job management with the drag-and-drop function.

Technician Tracking

Track the location and status of your technicians in real time.

Advanced Scheduling

Efficiently manage your scheduling with Advanced Scheduling.

Web booking

Allow customers to book appointments online and maximize job opportunities.

Real-Time Job Tracking:

Simplify your job tracking procedure with color-coded condition updates that give you an instant visual reference to each job’s current status.

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Scheduling Software


ZenFire Dispatching
Allow technicians to communicate the service time and location effectively with the ZenFire fire department scheduling software. With quick appointment booking and ready customer job details, technicians can provide the best service possible to clients


Zenfire Smartcall flexible working
Increase your chances of securing more jobs by allowing website visitors to book appointments online with access to all available time slots. Be proactive and save time by having customer information appear automatically with each call, making it easy to book appointments quickly.


ZenFire Web-Booking
Increase your chances of securing more jobs by allowing website visitors to book appointments online with access to all available time slots.


ZenFire Scheduling Drag n Drop
With a simple drag-and-drop function, you can easily manage your scheduling program, allocate work to technicians, and track the progress, location, and more of your jobs with just a few clicks.

Why Is ZenFire The Best Option For Your Business?

We are aware that juggling several jobs might be difficult. We created our appointment scheduling software with your convenience in mind. Our program will triple efficiency and is dependable, usable, and effective.

Our fire service scheduling tool allows you to:

  • Reduce no-shows to increase efficiency in your company
  • Improve the efficiency of your scheduling to save time.
  • Monitor your team’s performance with real-time analytics
  • Customize your booking pages to reflect your brand
  • Integrate with other field service features to improve your operations
Don’t let appointment scheduling be a source of stress for your business.

Book a demo today and get a free consultation to optimize your workflow and grow your revenue with ZenFire.

Frequently Asked Questions?

The firefighter routine generally includes extended shifts and overtime shifts,which include weekends or holiday periods. Those shifts may vary in different cities. Firefighters usually work 24 hours with a rest period. 24 hours with rest periods or 10--12 hours for 3-4 weeks. Information, all while adhering to agency rules.

The user interface is enhanced by a 24/7 live customer support service, ensuring that users have the assistance they need at all times. The combination of a user-friendly interface and constant support makes ZenFire’s Scheduling Software a standout product in terms of design and user experience.

Integration capabilities are essential for scheduling software, and ZenFire does not disappoint. The software integrates seamlessly with various business platforms, allowing users to centralize workflows and minimize the need for multiple systems.

ZenFire integrates with key tools like:

  • QuickBooks

  • Fattmerchant

  • Stripe

  • Wisetack

  • Google Maps, and much more

This ensures seamless workflows and data exchange, reducing the need for multiple systems and potentially offering cost savings while helping to save time.

ZenFire’s Scheduling Software is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the complex scheduling tasks that fire service companies face. Its unique features such as drag-and-drop job management, real-time analytics, and seamless integration with other business platforms make it an excellent choice. However, it’s crucial for organizations to consider their specific needs, budget, and the associated costs before making a decision.

ZenFire’s Scheduling Software offers numerous benefits aimed at improving efficiency and productivity, including:

  • Reducing no-shows

  • Improving scheduling efficiency

  • Monitoring team performance with real-time analytics

  • Customizing booking pages

  • Optimizing workflow

ZenFire's Scheduling software is used to streamline fire service companies' scheduling and dispatching process, improving efficiency and organization.

ZenFire's unique features include drag-and-drop job management, automated scheduling, technician tracking, advanced scheduling, and customer web booking, making it a comprehensive solution for efficient scheduling and customer management.

ZenFire's Scheduling software improves service provision by facilitating effective service time and location communication between technicians and customers.

Customization plays a key role in ZenFire’s scheduling software. The software supports customizable rotation patterns for different firefighters' work schedules, accommodating varying shift lengths, rotation patterns, and personnel preferences.

Moreover, ZenFire offers easy end-user setup options, promoting quick adaptation by employees.

ZenFire’s Scheduling Software is packed with features designed to streamline and simplify scheduling tasks. The software offers a user-friendly schedule interface with:

  • Drag-and-drop shift boards for easy modification of shifts and schedules

  • Instant staffing change tools

  • Tools for trades, leave, and overtime assignments

  • An overtime tracking tool

Moreover, ZenFire’s software offers the following features:

  • Dispatchers can assign jobs to inspectors and technicians

  • Effective communication between dispatchers and inspectors

  • Inspectors can access all customer service history, job details, and employee certifications on their mobile devices, enabling them to stay updated on the go.

ZenFire streamlines job management by offering a drag-and-drop function for easy scheduling, work allocation, and job tracking. It simplifies program management and enhances efficiency for technicians.


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