Invoice Software Solution Vs. Field Service Management Software. Which One Should You Choose?

As a business owner in the field trades, you might have faced confusion in deciding whether to use an invoice app or directly get your hands on a field service management software that will handle the invoice processing and the A to Z of your business operations. 

Before we delve into the topic and decide which software suits your business, let’s comprehensively examine how these software functions and differ. This thorough comparison will provide you with a confident understanding of each solution and aid you in deciding which software to purchase.  

To help you streamline your business operations, two types of software can assist you with it:

  1. Invoicing Software 
  2. Field Service Management Software 


Invoicing software will help you generate automatic billing for your services with their costs and send them directly to customers. With invoicing software, you don’t manually have to create your invoices from scratch. Tracking payments becomes more accessible with software, which results in delayed payments and more outstanding invoices. With dedicated software, the professionalism of your services is maintained. It lacks automation, which is required to automate recurring bills and services. 

On the other hand, FSM software manages all business operations, tracks inventory, manages employees, and streamlines processes into an efficient workflow. It is a one-stop solution for all business needs. FSM software has an integrated invoicing module, so you don’t have to purchase another software to handle your invoices. It also incorporates a CRM to track all customer information, records, invoice history, and more so that users can access information on the go and sync their updates in real time.

Here What We Cover:

Invoice Software Solution Vs. Field Service Management Software

What Is Invoice Software Solution?


Without invoice automation, your business is at risk of incurring significant issues. Creating invoices manually is a tiresome job that can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Besides, tracking payments becomes extremely difficult without a dedicated software solution that tracks paid invoices and sends reminders for outstanding ones. Also, managing invoices, payment information, and client details without a centralized database can lead to disorganization, potentially leading to missed payments, duplicate invoices, and an overall delay in business operations.


When using an invoicing application, sending invoices and collecting payments become much more straightforward. Not collecting your payments on time can have reverse effects on your business, like cash flow problems and a higher ratio of unpaid invoices. Apart from these issues, having an invoice software solution for your business will also help you maintain customer relationships and improve customer service and satisfaction levels, further enhancing your business profits and saving you time. 


Benefits Of Invoice Software Solutions 

Having an invoice software solution for your business can be quite game-changing, considering all the benefits that it brings to the table. Some of the most favorable benefits that invoicing software can provide are: 


  • Efficiency & Accuracy—Using an invoice software solution streamlines your recurring business operations, saving you time and effort so that you can focus on the next task. Also, manual processes make it extremely easy to produce errors; thus, implementing the software can reduce the chances of errors and ensure your invoices are accurate. 


  • Improved Cash Flow—Accurate and consistent invoices coupled with efficient payment tracking accelerate the payment cycle, leading to improved cash flows and an overall profit in your business. 


  • Enhanced Customer Experience—When your customers relate timeliness and promptness to your business, they’ll directly lean toward the brand you have cultivated. Accurate and timely invoices improve customer satisfaction and increase customer retention, bringing profit to your business. 
  • Professionalism—When you send clean and professional invoices with your branding incorporated, it adds that X factor to your services, making it hard for your clients not to choose your brand for their future services. The more professional you can showcase your services, the better impact they will have on your customers. 


  • Better Organization Of Data—Integrating an invoice software solution into your business will definitely help you keep your data organized, in sync, consistent, and updated across all platforms and devices. Once you have a centralized database for all your essential information, like client details, service history, or financial records, it will be easier to retrieve data as and when required. 

Features Of Invoice Software Solutions 

Even though features can vary from software to software, some basic and essential features that happen to be there in every invoice software are:


  • Customizable Invoice Templates
  • Automated Payment Reminders
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Support For Diverse Payment Methods


What Is Field Service Management Software? 

When we talk about Field Service Management Software, we are not talking about any particular business process but the entirety of its operation. Whether sending quotes or offering multiple payment options to your clients to pay the invoices, everything is covered under Field Management Software. An FSM will cover call booking, sending out forms and reports, creating estimates and invoices, scheduling appointments, dispatching technicians, and crafting service agreements. An FSM software solution, like invoicing software, will enable the integration of any accounting software (most probably QuickBooks) you have used for your business so that all your work is synced into one platform. 

Benefits Of Field Service Management Software


  • All-In-One Solution – provides you with an inclusive platform solely dedicated to your business. 


  • Streamlines Business Operations—An FMS software solution streamlines your operations and makes them uncomplicated by providing a platform that manages and connects all aspects of your business. 


  • Reduces Paperwork And Minimizes Errors—Manual work can be more time-consuming and prone to errors, and other documentation methods or software do not have specific features tailored only to your business needs. An FSM, when integrated, eliminates these issues and improves accuracy in your work.


  • Saves Time And Efforts – an FSM software solution that includes features like calendar integration, drag-and-drop for appointment schedules, and other features that save time and effort for technicians and make processes more efficient and effortless. 


  • Improves Customer Retention—When you find a software solution entirely dedicated to streamlining your business processes, creating professional invoices, easy scheduling and dispatching, and many other features, customers will see your service as very user-friendly and will naturally be more inclined to use and stick to it. 


  • Ease Of Payment—FSM software integrates with payment gateways, which enables technicians to accept online payments easily. It also allows multiple modes of payment, benefitting both the customer and the technician, faster payments, and improved cash flow. 


  • Integrated CRM—FSM software has an integrated CRM, which helps technicians access customer information, job details, timetables, and invoice histories. This aids them in staying in sync with their clients’ information and empowers them with real-time updates. 


  • Mobile Accessibility—FSM mobile applications give on-field agents all the information they need to do their jobs. Most importantly, they enable them to update their job status in real-time so that everybody is in sync about the service’s status. Whether accessing client information or checking their calendar, mobile accessibility helps them be punctual for their appointments and complete their jobs efficiently. 


Features Of Field Service Management Software

Some common features included in FSM software:


  • Call Booking 
  • Forms And Deficiency Reports 
  • Estimates And Invoices 
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Scheduling And Dispatching 
  • Service Agreements 
Service Technicians

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What Are The Key Differences ?

Choosing which software solution to use entirely depends on your business’s requirements. Some businesses only need a little apart from streamlining their invoicing processes and collecting their payments on time. An invoice software solution is highly recommended for them as it gets the work done at a much lower cost than purchasing an FSM software solution. 


However, depending on its size and operating level, a business might gain a lot more if it opts for field service management software rather than an invoicing software solution. 

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