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Create and Send Winning Estimates to your Customers

What Is A Job Estimate?

A job estimate is a legal agreement between the client and the service provider on the intricacies of the service provided. Though not a binding contract, it serves as an official document that displays details of the job concerning the cost, timeline of the service, materials to be used, and any other overhead expenses involved.

This document is a convenient guide for both customers and service providers. Customers can get an estimate of the total cost of the service. At the same time, it helps job providers establish clear expectations and understand the scope of work provided. It helps them minimize the chances of a price dispute as the job estimate serves transparency that can build trust and confidence between both parties.

Why Use An Estimate Calculator?

Suppose you’re new to this trade or setting up your own business. In that case, you might be processing your documents manually or with the help of essential software solutions that limit your customizability. Calculating your service costs, including discounts and taxes, can be tedious, especially if you create your invoices single-handedly. 

Our tool can help you save valuable time and simplify things for you and your business. Our free estimate calculator can help you calculate multiple service costs within the template. You can also input your additional expenses and taxes, along with any discount you’d like to give your customers; you can calculate the total amount and present it professionally.

Using an estimate calculator, you can calculate your costs accurately and more efficiently than traditional and manual methods. Businesses can significantly benefit from using professional and personalized templates and showcasing the accuracy of their business to clients. 

Clients also prefer doing business with companies that showcase their professionalism and are accurate with their numbers. This enhances the reliability and trust factor in clients, which motivates them to do business with you again and choose your company over others. 


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