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HVAC Load Calculator

HVAC Load Calculator

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Calculate The Right HVAC Load For Your Building And Take A Step Towards Energy Efficiency!

Use our HVAC Load Calculator to calculate your equipment capacity and get an accurate reading of your property’s energy requirements. 

What is an HVAC Load Calculator?

 An HVAC load calculator helps you calculate the heating and cooling requirements of a building or a property. These calculators help maintain perfect temperature throughout the area, enabling comfort and energy efficiency. An accurately sized hvac unit can help ensure that your desired space can utilize energy-efficient ways to reach the correct temperature requirements.

Factors like the orientation of the building, determining outside temperatures, the occupancy level of the house, and the insulation and ventilation systems present on the premises can determine the sufficient heating and cooling requirements for optimal comfort.

Why is HVAC Load Calculation necessary?

HVAC load calculation is essential because it helps determine the exact and appropriate capacity for heating and cooling systems to be installed in the building or property. 

Without proper calculations for the load of your building, creating an energy-efficient design becomes problematic. This can lead to inefficiencies in the building, extreme discomfort, and incur higher energy costs. 

Our HVAC load calculator can help you simplify the entire process without operating complex computer programs

New establishments require HVAC load calculations as part of building codes and best energy efficiency practices. The HVAC calculator is a valuable tool for HVAC or air conditioning contractors to calculate the estimated hvac load to accommodate residential building needs.

These calculations enable optimized efficiency, prevent discomfort and energy wastage for your desired indoor temperature, and reduce overall costs for building owners.

How to Calculate HVAC Load?

The HVAC load calculation shows the accurate values for recommended equipment capacities, considering key factors such as residential calculation, heat-producing appliances, cooling load of appliances, space room by room, which includes living space, doors air tightness, and other key factors. It also includes other external factors like insulation grade sun exposure and taking exterior measurements by adopting a proper method.

Step 1: 

Calculate your base load by multiplying square footage and ceiling height. Tall ceilings tend to affect your base load significantly.

Step 2: 

Determine your region and multiply the region code with the calculated base load to get the climate region adjustment. 

Step 3: 

Determine other factors that affect insulation, like – 

Region code – choose a color-coded region based on your area

For each occupant  – add 100 BTUs

For each window and external door – add 1000 BTUs

HVAC Load Calculation Example

Square footage of house – 200sq ft. 

Ceiling height – 15ft 

Region code = #3 

Base BTU = (200 x 15) x 3 = 9000 BTU


For a house with five windows and four external doors with six occupants, the formula for calculating the HVAC load of the house is: 

  • Five windows x 1000 = 5000

  • Four doors x 1000 = 4000

  • Six occupants x 100 = 600


Now add all the units for the total HVAC unit load:

  • 9000 + (5 x1000) + (4 x 1000) + (6 x 100) = 18600 BTU

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