Fire Marshal Duties and Why you Should Know about them

Every year, numerous injuries and fatalities occur due to hundreds of fires. A fire outbreak frequently causes chaos and confusion. People often rush to save their valuables before running toward safety. And thus, people may forget to follow the safety protocols, like the evacuation plan. When procedures are not followed, firefighting efforts become more complicated, jeopardizing the safe evacuation of people in the building. 

The “Fire Marshal” position is one of the most important in a Fire Department. In larger fire departments, they are in charge of the Fire Prevention Bureau, also known as Community Risk Reduction. Usually, a fire marshal will be a member of the local fire department. Fire Marshals are often called on to conduct fire investigations to determine where a fire started and what caused it.

A manager or the owner of a business or property can appoint a fire marshal. They are responsible for ensuring that all legal obligations are met and that the workplace maintains an acceptable level of safety. 

The Office of the State Fire Marshal protects life and property through the development and application of fire prevention, engineering, training and education, and enforcement. The state fire marshal may make or encourage fire protection studies, including fire administration.

In this article, let’s talk about what does a fire marshal do, and the various Fire Marshal duties and responsibilities if you’re looking for ways to help mitigate fire incidents in your state or county. We will also discuss how to become a fire marshal.

Here What We Cover:

Fire Marshal Responsibilities

A fire marshal is often a government employee in some capacity. This could imply that they are affiliated with the state, county, or provincial governments, but this is not always the case. Their responsibilities are clearly outlined by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act of 1974.

A fire marshal may be an active-duty law enforcement officer or, more often than not, an experienced firefighter. They may be authorized to carry a weapon, wear a badge, or drive a designated vehicle. Their roles can include working for a diverse range of agencies, including state police, offices of fire investigation, etc.

Their primary responsibility is identifying potential hazards in a structure. After which, fire marshals are required to notify the business owner so that they can implement the necessary fire safety protocols. They are also responsible for ensuring that all people in a building evacuate quickly and safely if a fire breaks out. Furthermore, the marshal is responsible for ensuring the safety of those in the vicinity of the burning building.

It is important to assign specific roles, responsibilities, and duties in case of emergencies. Each organization should assign these to employees to best suit its needs. Larger organizations may have staff dedicated to the work, whereas smaller organizations are more likely to share them, making them add-on responsibilities for other people with more specific jobs. In larger cities with substantially developed fire departments, the local fire departments are sometimes delegated some fire marshal duties.

It’s also important to remember that everyone in an organization shares responsibility for fire prevention and fire safety.

Every building’s Fire Marshal’s role is divided into two distinct areas: day-to-day work and emergencies.

Service Technicians

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Daily Fire Marshal Duties

Fire inspectors are in charge of ensuring that a building is ready for an emergency. They will typically perform the following duties during normal day-to-day operations:Let’s see an example of flat rate pricing calculation. Consider the following

Fire Marshal Responsibilities in Emergencies

A fire marshal must maintain calm and ensure that others do as well. The responsibility of the fire marshal is to organize the building’s evacuation in a timely but orderly manner. Here are some fire marshal responsibilities outlined in the Fire Protection and Prevention Act standard developed by nationally recognized standards.

Even in a minor building, it makes sense to appoint more than one Fire Marshal to provide backup in the event of vacations, sickness, or training courses

As a certified Fire Marshal, you need an inspection checklist to assist and make your job more efficient and easy. Here is an excellent Fire Marshal checklist to help you with your inspections.

In Washington State, the State Fire Marshal‘s Office is organized as part of the Washington State Patrol.

How to become a fire marshal?

A fire marshal’s job is one of accountability. Most fire marshals must have prior fire protection experience. Working as a firefighter for a few years is the most direct way to gain this experience and volunteer at your local fire department.

The best way to ensure you know when and where these positions are open is to stay involved. Working or volunteering with your local fire department will keep you in this knowledge loop. Most fire marshals began as firefighters and advanced to captain, then deputy fire marshal, before being appointed to the position. Some local fire departments even promote fire marshals directly from their firefighters. You must have firefighting experience and a degree in a fire-related field. A bachelor’s degree in fire science or a master’s degree in fire science or a related field is one of the educational requirements. You must also know all fire codes and regulations for your area of operations.

You can look at this article to learn more about becoming a fire marshal.

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What does a State Fire Marshal do?

By becoming a state fire marshal, you help to enforce fire codes, work with fire departments, and help your local community. The state fire marshal is the chief investigator in charge of investigating arson and suspected arson in the state. They may research to improve fire protection and firefighting experience.

Fire Marshal Certification

Any person who holds a fire marshal position should be trained on the various types of fire hazards, such as how to respond to the event of a fire, how to use different types of firefighting equipment, the roles of a marshal, and current safety regulations. You can expect to take theory classes and practical guides during your training.

After completing the fire marshal training, you should be given a certificate indicating that you are qualified to perform fire marshal duties. You must renew this certificate every three years at the very least.

Fire Marshal Salary

After a few years of experience, you should be able to earn the average Fire Marshal salary in your state and region.

When compared to volunteers and firefighters, Fire Marshals have great earning potential. They can earn well over $79,467 per year.

Fire Marshals can earn an average hourly wage of $34.06 in the United States. Fire Marshal Salaries vary depending on your experience level, the demand for Fire Marshals in your area, and the average pay rate in your state.

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