5 Best CRM For HVAC Contractors In 2023

Your Guide To 5 Best CRM For HVAC Contractors In 2023

Customer relations are essential in businesses, especially HVAC field service jobs. The jobs may be primarily technical, but they all rely on communication and maintaining customer relationships. No matter how perfectly they do their jobs, a bad customer experience or review can cause unforeseen damage to HVAC businesses. 

HVAC technicians and customer service representatives are encouraged to cultivate strong and positive customer relationships. This is something that Customer Relationship Management software can assist you with. Additionally, HVAC businesses will also benefit from CRM software.

There are numerous moving parts in HVAC customer relationship management. The processes can become a significant headache without a unified system to keep them all in sync. And the consequences can be costly, resulting in issues like:

  • Workflow inefficiencies: Tracking customer information and manually entering data into multiple HVAC apps, spreadsheets, and other systems.
  • Poor communication and customer experiences: Failure to correspond with customers on time or inability to communicate with customers via their preferred channels.
  • Revenue opportunities squandered: Difficulties tracking sold and unsold estimates and failing to follow up and convert on open opportunities.

With multiple business advantages, you must be itching for the best CRM software for your HVAC contracting business. You also must be wondering how to find the right fit for you and your business. One that streamlines and optimizes your workflow, syncs, and integrates with other software takes a lot of effort. The CRM should also be user-friendly for technicians and have an up-to-date, modern user interface. Well, fret not. We have your back and will be helping you sift through the sand until you find gold.

Here are five up-and-coming CRM software in 2023 for HVAC businesses that can optimize your business and improve revenue. These top CRM software have been chosen based on their popular and unique features that can assist you and your business distinctively.

You can also schedule a free demo with ZenTradesto get insight into increasing your business efficiency, productivity, and revenue.


What Features Should Your HVAC CRM Software Have?

CRM is an abbreviation for customer relationship management. It is a cloud-based software program with numerous features to improve and streamline the customer experience and make your day-to-day life more manageable. Because a CRM is a web-based platform, you can use it as a field service management tool on the job site.

An HVAC business CRM software allows you to keep all of your customer and project data in one place rather than storing it in multiple word documents or file cabinets, making it easy to access all of this information with the click of a button.

CRM software can help many industries and help contractors and HVAC companies save time and energy that could be better spent doing the hands-on work for which you were hired rather than back-end tasks. CRM systems are all different. This is critical to remember when deciding which to use in your contracting business. For example, a CRM that works for a larger company may be more complex than necessary for your business. Fortunately, many CRM options can meet your needs!


Examining CRMs features before considering using it for your business is essential. These extra features will only be helpful if your CRM works properly! You will likely only require one of the simpler CRM systems as a contractor rather than a more prominent firm.

Consider your company’s requirements, and then look for a CRM that can meet those requirements. Look for a scalable CRM that can be upgraded as your company grows and your needs change.


Another critical factor to consider is whether or not a CRM system integrates with the other applications you already use daily. As a result, the CRM system can effectively streamline your processes. It should be compatible with Office or Google G Suite and other software, such as accounting or marketing solutions. The ease with which existing data can be transferred into this CRM and the ability to export data from it later will be critical considerations.


Request a free trial of the CRM system you are considering. You should do this for multiple CRM to compare their strengths and weaknesses and narrow your options. You should always try out the software before purchasing it to see how it works in real time. This is also something that CRM companies frequently provide, so the request should not be surprising.


The Best HVAC Service Software For Your HVAC Businesses

We compiled a list of five HVAC software with CRMs that will suit your HVAC businesses the best. 

A CRM can tackle multiple pain points of the business workflow. When it comes to managing customers and running a business smoothly, office managers and CSRs are responsible for most of the process.

ZenTrade’s CRM can take up the burden of doing all the time-consuming work, like creating spreadsheets, keeping paperwork, and filing cabinets.

Sloppy notes, misheard information, or misplaced paperwork can cause problems, but they can also lead to more significant issues and unhappy customers. The ZenTrade’s CRM  software also keeps technicians in the loop.


ZenTrades begins improving customer service when a call arrives at the office. Before a customer service representative even answers the phone, they can see the customer’s name and phone number, which the software provides through an automated process. As a result, the CSR can address the customer by name, providing a more personalized experience.

ZenTrades can automatically provide information about the caller’s property, revealing valuable information about potential sales opportunities.

Whether the caller is a long-time customer or brand new to your company, all their customer information is automatically logged and stored in one place—rather than in a disjointed system of spreadsheets and file folders.

As previously stated, ZenTrades connects all of the core elements of an HVAC business, including scheduling and dispatching, work order management, job management, and more.

All centrally stored, cloud-based customer data is easily and instantly accessible for marketing, follow-ups, and service agreement management, to name a few possibilities.


It is a powerful customer service tool that provides much better service than you could otherwise.

CRM centralizes all of your information, making it easy to access any information if you disagree or have a problem with one of your clients. You can quickly resolve the issue and save your customer from annoyance and frustration.

Automation can also improve customer service by immediately providing specific information to your clients, eliminating the need for them to wait for quotes, contracts, and other documents.


Following up on unsold estimates is critical for an HVAC specialist. As service industry veterans know, business owners frequently lose a lot of income simply by forgetting or failing to pursue potential jobs.

Trying to track and follow up on bids that are frequently delivered to different customers in different formats—by hand or mail, or as a PDF, via email—can be difficult, especially without the help of a CRM. ZenTrades also allows users to automate SMS text reminders for recurring service events. Contractors can use this feature to free up their CSRs’ time to book more jobs and eliminate the need to call customers to remind them to schedule the service visits they’ve paid for as part of their maintenance agreements.

Text notifications are an excellent way to ensure that those visits do not slip through the cracks, ensuring that customers are satisfied that they are getting their money’s worth.

Reminder campaigns, delivered via text and/or email, can also be created to notify customers about upcoming maintenance agreement renewals and expirations, assisting contractors in maintaining a consistent revenue flow throughout the year, even during slower seasons.


Many CRMs are explicitly designed to aid in sales. Their unique features can significantly improve your sales approach and lead to more customers or more extensive sales with your current clients! Many of these features are helpful because they are automated or will notify you of specific events, such as when you receive a response.

This lets you focus on other business aspects without worrying about sales. CRM software also includes analytics, which enables you to examine what isn’t working in your sales strategy. You can also use them to identify your top customers to provide the best experience and service levels when closing a sale.

This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business without worrying about sales. CRM software also includes analytics, which enables you to examine what isn’t working in your sales strategy. You can also use them to identify your top customers to provide the best experience and service levels when closing a sale.


One of the most important benefits of a CRM system is increased efficiency. This efficiency can be applied to various aspects of your business, such as communication and sales.

Because your CRM collects and stores information in a centralized location, you can easily access it with the click of a button rather than searching through documents or file cabinets. With the help of QuickBooks integration, your operations become more efficient.

Most CRMs include automation, which allows you to save time by automating specific tasks. Administrative tasks like contract sending are examples.


Creating effective email marketing campaigns for service businesses can be a time-consuming and often-confusing process of sifting through customer data and attempting to sync email platforms with CRM software. Without a centralized platform, contractors trying to email marketing manually frequently produce imprecise results: spray-and-pray rather than precisely targeted.

We can create campaigns in Marketing Pro for any purpose. Still, some of the most popular choices for HVAC contractors include unsold estimate follow-ups, membership agreement renewals, and equipment replacement.

We can create campaigns in Marketing Pro for any purpose. Still, some of the most popular choices for HVAC contractors include unsold estimate follow-ups, membership agreement renewals, and equipment replacement.


If you are a sole proprietor, you are most likely in charge of every aspect of the process, from sales to the HVAC work you are hired to do. A CRM can help you collaborate more effectively if you have just one other person working with you, such as an office worker who handles your sales communications.

CRM software can assist you in passing information back and forth because it is all in one location. As a result, it allows you to collaborate and manage the complex customer life cycle.

CRM software can assist you in passing information back and forth because it is all in one location. As a result, it allows you to collaborate and manage the complex customer life cycle.

Jobber assists home service businesses in providing a consistent customer experience and keeping jobs on track from when the customer requests service to when you are paid.

Jobber can be tailored to your specific process, regardless of industry. Schedule jobs efficiently, optimize routes, send quotes and invoices via text, and get paid on-site.

Housecall Pro is a full-service application that allows service professionals to manage their entire business from their smartphone and a complimentary web portal. The app is reasonably priced and assists service professionals with all aspects of their workflow, including QuickBooks Desktop and Online integration, job scheduling, customer database, invoicing and payment processing, technician dispatch, and more. It also has full integration with the Housecall consumer booking app.

You can also take a quick look at the comparison blog between ZenTrades and Housecall Pro.

Service Fusion is web-based field service management software with features like customer management, invoicing, payments, inventory management, time tracking, and reporting.

Service Fusion enables users to quickly generate estimates and job confirmations by utilizing the pre-populated product and service line items, tracking referral sources, and assigning jobs to sales personnel for commission calculation.

FieldEdge is the leading field service management software for contractors in the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other industries. Because the web-based program is accessible from the office and the field, you can manage your business while on the go.

By allowing office staff to assign work orders based on a technician’s skill set and the expected location at the time of the job, the dispatch board saves them approximately 20+ hours per week. With its seamless QuickBooks integration, FieldEdge also helps to automate the billing process and eliminates double entry.

You can also take a quick look at the comparison blog between  ZenTrades and FieldEdge.


Upgrading to CRM software has numerous benefits, but one of the most important is convenience; there are actual consequences to not having a CRM, the most significant of which is lost revenue.

It is difficult for office staff to use their time efficiently without a CRM. Customers may become dissatisfied; you may miss out on opportunities to receive customer feedback and online reviews; ultimately, you may need to be more organized and professional.


CRMs help improve customer relationships, but they also benefit businesses in general and employees. ZenTrade’s CRM is a one-stop shop for business owners looking for field service management software that will improve and streamline their internal processes.

Simplifies CSR tasks, increases technician involvement in customer communications, and allows management to monitor day-to-day performance and identify opportunities for improvement. You can visit our website to learn more about how ZenTrades can help your HVAC businesses grow.


Request a free demo to allow ZenTrades to assist you and your company’s office and field teams. We can help you determine whether or not this is an appropriate project management tool. You can also get free cultural assessments and business consultations from the field’s top experts.

HVAC Contracting firms can also customize Zentrade’s software to meet their needs.

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