Top 5 Water Treatment Software In 2024

Top 5 Water Treatment Software In 2024

Water is the most critical resource for ensuring the survival of all living things on the earth. Even though 2.1 billion people have received increased access to better water and sanitation facilities since the 1990s, the declining supply of quality drinking water is a significant issue affecting all continents. And the problem is only getting worse.

Water treatment is a procedure that involves several types of operations to eliminate or reduce contamination or undesirable properties of water. This process aims to obtain water with the appropriate characteristics for the intended usage. As a result, the water treatment process differs depending on the supplied water’s qualities and intended application. 

Water and wastewater treatment assets are intricate processes. Plant operators and asset managers want to increase efficiency without compromising water quality, but identifying and implementing those changes is challenging. Thus, water treatment is becoming increasingly vital.

To ensure your business runs smoothly and increases your revenue, you must acquire the best water treatment software as a water treatment contractor. It will change how you do business by allowing you and your employees to operate more efficiently and intelligently. A booming business would also help refine the water treatment processes and solve the water scarcity problems worldwide.

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A few of the improvements you will be able to notice in your business with the help of a good water treatment software are,

    • Better client experience
    • More productivity
    • Data security
    • Reducing double data

We have compiled some of the best water treatment software you can get for your company. These five up-and-coming water treatment software in 2022 have been picked for their famous and distinct features that can help you optimize your business and increase revenue.



ZenTrades is one of the best software for water treatment companies in different industry sectors, municipal corporations, and society to solve water scarcity problems. ZenTrades’ water treatment software enables simple management and convenience of access in your business. This program will deliver a positive client and customer experience while also assisting you in running your business smoothly. Our water treatment software provides a wealth of features enabling your specialists to perform the best water treatment services. You won’t have to worry about maintaining several software programs with our QuickBooks integration and sync. You can use our water treatment invoicing software to create a picture-based pricing book with text and photographs, then convert estimates to invoices after customer approval. You can also send these invoices via email and accept payments online.

Here are some of the features of our premium water treatment software:

    • Picture Notes
      Using this premium feature, you can send picture notes with the locksmith app from the field to the office. Locksmiths can also record and share notes via voice command. Use multiple custom templates to facilitate the job and prepare in advance with the best pitch through call source tracking. ZenTrades will help defeat the virtual distance by sharing media even offline. 
    • Custom equipment
      Cater to clients with multiple equipment types and various customizable fields. Create custom groups for segmenting customer equipment. Sort equipment according to categories. Accessible from the web and mobile applications.
    • Hide pricing using ACL.
      Conceal prices from technicians while adding and editing flat-rate items. Allow technicians to edit estimates/invoices easily and add notes, item names, and quantities.
    • Good, better best
      Create and show tiered pricing to your customers. Design multiple estimate templates. Give customers the option to select the best package for them. Increase your average ticket prices while providing three estimate options clubbed under one package. 
    • Payment intermediate page
      Give your customers a smooth transaction experience through our unified payment page. Provide your customers with Wisetack, a financing option that allows them to pay over time. Allow customers credit card processing and business financing through platforms like Gravity and Fattmerchant. Make it easy for your technicians to collect payments directly from the field.


WAVE Water Treatment Software

Modifications to any operation in completely integrated software immediately propagate throughout the system architecture, whereas other software requires changes to be manually entered into the feed of the downstream process.

WAVE is an integrated expert modeling program that includes water treatment plant software and wastewater and water treatment plant construction software that provides:

    • Flexible design based on three technologies, with multiple-unit operation combinations and the opportunity to set system-feed or net-product flow rate.


    • A strong computation engine capable of running complex designs with high precision.


    • It improves water-equilibrium calculations and interface.


    • Accurate mass-balance volumes and flows reflect density variations caused by temperature, water composition, and water compressibility.


    • Consistent hydraulic limitations and regeneration parameters represent best practices and cutting-edge product performance and application.


    • Most parameters have default values, which allows you (or your designer) to construct a design rapidly.


    • The ability to include project-specific parameters to improve the accuracy of operating-cost calculations.


Aqua Designer

It is a software program for designing several processes in a wastewater treatment facility, from mechanical to biological and sludge treatment. All standard process variations are available for calculating base, procedure, and construction. Many auxiliary functions assist in planning. As a result, AQUA DESIGNER provides full documents ready for printing for official papers, such as buildings, machines, operational costs, and accurate scaled drawings. AQUA DESIGNER is used for treatment plant planning all around the world.

A flow diagram continually guides the user, one of AQUA DESIGNER’s unique features. At first glance, you can observe the current processing status, the chosen design or process method, and the possible alternatives.

    • Process and construction variations

    • Design Alternatives

    • Cleaning Procedures

    • Aeration and the Biological Stage

    • Sludge Removal


Envirosuite: Water Simulation Software

EVS Water understands the pressure on asset managers to operate responsibly and sustainably while delivering performance improvements. Plant Designer, Optimiser, and Sewex incorporate cutting-edge science into solutions for the design, delivery, and operation of water treatment facilities and sewer networks. They offer services like,

    • Reduce model calibration time with our water simulation software
      It contains a unique automatic calibration tool that simultaneously compares and evaluates hundreds of model configuration possibilities to deliver the most accurate and reliable calibrated model configurations for the target design.

    • Automatic production of key engineering deliverables for water simulations
      Produce engineering deliverables for water treatment plant design automatically, including material balances, plant and equipment sizing, stream characteristics, specification modeling, electrical load schedules, equipment schedules, and design reports.

    • Model operational scenarios and run water simulations to design for your requirements. This enables you to design to your exact water quality and cost targets, allowing for a straightforward comparison of important lifespan metrics and performance pledges for each design choice.


Workever: Water Hygiene & Treatment Business Software

With lightning-quick communication between field workers, office personnel, and clients, Workever makes the lives of teams delivering water hygiene and treatment services less stressful and more efficient. Jobs are completed faster, and efficiency is increased by centralizing all information in a secure, regulated environment on Workever. Their water treatment business scheduling and task management software is a simple and easy-to-use mobile app that can be downloaded to the smartphones of your field staff. It is intended for usage by anyone, regardless of skill level. They offer in-app guidance and a wealth of materials to teach you more about Workever’s potential.

Their software helps with:

    • Automating processes
      Impressing and maintaining clients is critical in the water hygiene industry. A worker may automate many customer interactions, making the process simple and rapid.

    • Connecting the office to the field
      Workever is a cloud-based platform for more effective job administration, which means that any information logged in the field is automatically synchronized back to the office.

    • Creating jobs on the move
      Office personnel may establish jobs in seconds and cut travel time between jobs using visual features such as GPS tracking and a simple drag-and-drop motion for timetabling.

    • Cloud-based platform
      The advantages of the cloud-based platform are mutual. Office personnel can grant rights to your field team, streamlining your business process and saving you time.

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