HVAC Labor Rate Calculator

Hourly Rate Calculator
Hvac Labor Rate Calculator
Hourly Rate:
The Hourly Rate you should charge in order to achieve your desired profit.

Calculate your HVAC technician’s hourly job rate and get the perfect return on investment with your desired profit margin.

Use our free Hourly Rate Calculator above and calculate the hourly rate of your HVAC technician for earning your desired profit per job.

HVAC Hourly Labor Rate Calculator

If you’re looking for an HVAC labor rate calculator and understand how to utilize it to the best of its potential, then you have come to the right place!

This blog will help you determine the correct hourly rate for your HVAC professionals, along with your desired net profit, and estimate the total cost and profit spent and gained, respectively, on your resources.

Understanding HVAC Hourly Labor Costs

Your hourly labor costs are the total wage your HVAC technicians need to be paid per hour of their service by the clients. When technicians are contacted due to maintenance or repair work for an HVAC system, their billable hours, by default, are set at a particular rate. The hourly rate paid by the clients to the HVAC technicians comprises of:

  1. Their hourly salary by the HVAC service providers
  2. The direct costs and the indirect costs incurred by the technicians
  3. The desired profit the HVAC contractors wish to gain from each job or according to their ideal revenue.

Your HVAC labor rate can also include taxes, paid holidays, extra benefits, overhead charges, and any extra cost directly related to their billable work—which is added to the direct or indirect costs. HVAC contractors charge an accurate amount for their technicians’ hourly labor, which is made simple by a labor calculator.

What Are Direct And Indirect Labor Costs, And Why Are They Important?

Your direct labor cost is the expenses you incur for your staff, which are not included in their salary. These comprise payroll, security, benefits, insurance, compensation, etc.

Your indirect costs, on the other hand, refer to expenses that you incur in your business but that are not directly related to the technicians or their jobs. These can include the costs incurred for office and admin staff or other business operations needed to run your company.

These charges must be included in your technicians’ hourly rates to ensure you receive the appropriate return on your investment. These charges directly affect the profitability or loss of your financial expenses and aid in setting the right price for their jobs and services. This helps them stay competitive and ensure profitability at the end of each staff payroll.

How Does HVAC Hourly Rate Calculator Help You Consider Your Desired Profit?

The fascinating thing about this calculator is that it considers not just your net profit but your gross net profit. This helps you understand your business’s total profitability and determine whether you make profits.

For example, consider that your service providers must make X revenue weekly. All they need to do is divide X by the total number of working hours in the week and get an estimate of the profit they need to charge their clients per hour.

The only thing to remember here is to keep your profit expectations realistic and ensure your hourly rate does not exceed too much than the average base rate of HVAC technicians.

How is HVAC labor rate calculated?

Calculating labor rates is essential for service providers and clients to ensure pricing transparency and profitability of your HVAC business. Estimating your HVAC technicians’ hourly rates is very simple, especially with the help of our HVAC Hourly Rate Calculator. It streamlines the entire process of increasing your profit rates and is as simple as clicking a button.

First, you have to fill in all the required data fields. The data that you need to provide are:

Combined hourly salary

Combined direct hourly costs 

Combined indirect hourly costs 

Desired hourly profits

Once you have input the required information into the calculator, it will show you an accurate hourly rate estimation, bringing you the desired profitability and giving you a decent return on your investment.

HVAC Hourly Labor Rate Formula: A Step-by-Step Guide

Calculating your HVAC hourly labor rate is extremely easy.

Let’s understand the calculations with a step-by-step guide

Step 1:

Determine the salary to pay your technicians per service. This is the base salary your technicians will receive from you, aka the service provider.

Step 2:

Next, you need to calculate each employee’s direct costs and convert them to an hourly sum.

Step 3:

In the next step, you must do the same with your indirect costs and get the sum.

Step 4:

Finally, decide on the profit you want from the services provided to your clients and get an hourly division of those profits.

Step 5:

That’s it. Now, add up all the costs you derived from above and get the required hourly rate for your technicians.

Download A Pie Chart For A Better Understanding

Our Hourly Rate Calculator lets you download a statistical cost breakdown view and visualize your expenses, including your desired profit rate. 

You can view a comprehensive pie chart from your input data and download the sheet in your desired format. It could be PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, CSV, or even XLS.


The HVAC labor rate calculator is extremely beneficial and a much-needed tool for determining a business’s accurate cost and technicians’ billable rate. It is a powerful tool contractors and business owners use to be competitive in the market and manage their financial expectations effectively.

Use our free HVAC Hourly Rate Calculator and streamline the process in just a few seconds!

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